Yara and Lev Character Wiki from The Last Of Us Part 2

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Yara The Last Of Us Part 2
Yara The Last Of Us Part 2

Lev and Yara have escaped and rebelled against their society for a mysterious reason. The next day, after a rough sex session with Owen, Abby can’t help but see the boys as an opportunity to do good, to save someone she couldn’t do with her father before Joel killed him.

Abby would not hesitate to kill a Scar, but she will not be any more from that night on. So she returns and takes Yara before Mel, the pregnant woman who will shortly kill Elli and who is a great surgeon.

Her arm must be amputated to save her life, which will lead Abby and the young woman’s brother, Lev, on a complicated adventure to obtain medical resources. Again, the game uses peer dynamics to create empathy during the gameplay, beyond the cinematics.

During this mission, we began to discover the human and pious side of this religious sect. It will be full of bloody extremes but also of a great sense of community and traditions.

Yara, sister of Lev in TLOU2, is one of the new characters that The Last of Us Part II. It appeared in the second trailer of the video game that was released at Paris Games Week 2017.

Lev Will Never Be Ellie, Nor Does He Need To

We first discover Lev as a boy who afraid of the oceans and dogs who helps Abby overcome her fear of heights. Along the way, Lev will have to face his fellow Seraphites, from whom he had to flee.

What about cutting his hair? As Yara will explain later, Lev was born as Lily, a girl who had been destined to marry one of the village elders.

Although the internet is riddled with incels and ultra-converters complaining about trans visibility in this game, let’s remember that they are the same people who did not see how organic and natural Ellie’s homosexuality was.

Let’s keep going. Lev is a young trans born in a society that opens the channel to infidels, a kind of inquisition from which he has to flee despite his devotion to the creed.

Lev and Yara, are just like Dina to Ellie. They are the characters that can get her out of that black hole of revenge and resentment that her father’s murder got her into.

Dina, however, remains to be seen if she will be able to rescue Ellie from the darkness she is in after Joel’s death. Looking at this Abby dynamic with Lev, we can’t help but think about what he remembers Joel and Ellie inThe Last Of Us.

No, neither Abby nor Lev manage to be Ellie, nor anyone else. However, it is surprising how they end up gaining a place in the heart of a player who, without a doubt, begins hating them.

The Ending That Which We Never Wanted To Have

Finally, Abby and Lev will obtain medicine for Yara. However, this Lev will die shortly after saving his life before the leader of the wolves, Isaac.

After an exceptional sequence on the Seraphite island during a night lit by the torch fire, there will be the moment we had left behind comes, the beginning of the immense climax of The Last of Us, and one of the most challenging narrative proposals for any player.

Abby comes to kill Ellie, and it’s you, that player who has grown up with her, who is to do it. No matter how much Naughty Dog has tried and reason tells us that Ellie has proven to be eviler than Abby, you can not help feeling a huge rejection of such a task.

Just as it was awkward to lead Joel killing the doctors seeking the cure and lying to Ellie, Druckmann bets it all on a passage in which we have to finish off Ellie.

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