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Joel The Last Of Us Part 2
Joel The Last Of Us Part 2

When the end of the world came, Joel only thought about protecting his daughter. Once he was entangled in the thorns of injustice, his path separated from that of his brother. Then, he was one of the most recognized smugglers, several years after the Cordyceps.

He was the protagonist in The Last of Us and deuteragonist in The Last of Us: Part II. Today, we will tell you the story of Joel, from a very personal point of view and until the moment when his path crossed with Ellie.

Well, together with her, he maintains the achievement of being one of the most complex and well-narrated characters in the PlayStation family.

  • Relations :
  • Ellie: Companion (Canon)
  • Adoptive daughter (Fandom),
  • Tess: Companion,
  • Tommy: Brother,
  • Sarah: Daughter
  • Age: About 40
  • Voice Over:Troy Baker
  • Full name: Joel Miller

Appearances     TLOU, Left behind, TLOU 2

2033: surrender, travel, and attachment

Twenty years passed after Sarah’s death. At an undetermined time in 2033, Joel and Tess struck a deal with Robert, an infamous arms dealer.

He had to give them an arsenal in exchange for the right amount of funds. When Joel and Tess made the payment, Robert decided to rip them off, running away with the money.

He was prompted by Marlene, leader of the Fireflies, who said he would pay him to double for diverting these weapons to the paramilitary organization. This aroused the anger of the smugglers, who were looking for Robert to kill him. Sometime after planning, Tess was returning to Joel’s apartment after delivery in West End.

There, she was attacked by two of Robert’s men, sent to kill her. However, not only did he survive the attack, but he managed to extract Robert’s secret whereabouts from the thugs.

Knowing that Robert was hiding in a Sector 5 warehouse, Tess convinced Joel to go looking for him. Almost managing to cross the military’s checkpoint, the area suffered a firefly attack when a truck exploded, and they had to take a detour, entering one of the nearby buildings.

While the military was busy, it would be easier to access secret smuggling tunnels. In conversation with other members of the criminal underworld, they learned that Marlene was also looking for Robert.

They passed through a dark area filled with spores with the Cordyceps infection. So, they had to use gas masks and face several infected. Returning to the walls from the other side, they saw a well-known cheater from the slum.

Tess negotiated with him, offering him ration cards in exchange for making sure Robert was inside the warehouse. When the cheater received the payment, he told Tess that he was indeed there, and she and Joel proceeded to enter the scene.

Getting rid of the threats and arriving at Marlene’s shelter, she vanished from her injuries, and Joel was able to hold her down. To his surprise, a girl attacked him from the corner with an automatic knife, thinking that Joel was the cause of Marlene’s injuries.

Tess managed to stop the young woman. Confusion gripped the smugglers when Marlene declared that there was a person who can help them get out of town: Ellie, a 14-year-old girl.

Thus, the journey through the United States began, and both Joel and Ellie evolved together. With an adventure full of sad moments, laughter, fateful encounters, some traumatic and others precious, and a thunderous outcome, which will have consequences later, and that marked a whole generation in the players of the world, and survival horror.

Did you like Joel’s story before you met Ellie? Don’t hesitate to play The Last of Us to find out everything! And of course, The Last of Us: Part II is already here!

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