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Ellie The Last Of Us Part 2
Ellie The Last Of Us Part 2

When the end of the world came, Ellie mingled with the Fireflies and infected unintentionally in The Last of Us: American Dreams. Once she was involved in the thorns of injustice, her path separated from Riley’s.

Then, she went from being treated as simple merchandise to becoming the most important person for the future of the human race.

She is a co-star in The Last of Us and stars in both Left Behind and The Last of Us: Part II. Today, we will tell the story of Ellie, from a very personal point of view and up to the moment when she met Joel. Together, they are one of the star duos of the PlayStation family.

  • Birth                      : Late 2020
  • Age                        : 13 (American dreams, left behind) 14 (The last of us) 19 (The last of us 2)
  • State                     : Live
  • Species                 : Human (infected, immune)
  • Gender                : Female
  • Height                  : 160 m
  • Hair color            : Reddish brown
  • Eye color             : Green
  • Voice over           : Ashley Johnson
  • Education            : High school. Fireflies

Summary and Personality

Ellie is one of the playable characters in the last of us. He was born sometime in 2020 and joined us on our wonderful adventure with Joel.

Ellie was bitten 3 weeks before Joel and Tess were with her. She was not alone, her best friend accompanied her, but she did not survive.

He was in a military college and then went with Marlen (leader of the fireflies). Ellie’s parents died when she was little.

Ellie is a fun and charismatic girl, but also brave and rude. She is capable of everything to defend the people she loves.

Ellie enjoys reading and video games a lot as well as playing with the water pistols she plays with her friend Riley in Left Behind.

Despite everything Ellie has had to go through, we see her as a strong character. She is a great companion since her strategies helped us in the game.

Ellie is faithful to Joel at all times. She also likes animals, and her favorites are dinosaurs.

Ellie and Joel: the beginning of the adventure

Before leaving Boston, Marlene would need weapons that she would acquire from Robert, a quarantine smuggler. However, she was injured while trying to find him.

Besides, Robert initially would also be responsible for removing Ellie from the city. Desperate, Marlene enlisted the services of the sector’s two most feared smugglers, to escort Ellie out of town before the army wiped out all the Fireflies.

Thus, he prepared a small team of Fireflies to meet them on Capitol Hill. When they reached the secret area where Ellie was waiting, the girl thought that the smugglers were trying to attack Marlene and launched into her defense.

She was stopped by one of them, and at last, she met them: Joel and Tess. Here the journey would begin in search of the cure and freedom.

What do you think? Do you like Ellie’s story just before you met Joel? Don’t hesitate to let us know, and play The Last of Us to discover all its secrets!

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