Dina Character Wiki from The Last Of Us Part 2

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Dina The Last Of Us Part 2
Dina The Last Of Us Part 2

Dina is the young woman who appeared in that dance scene. She showed a final kiss that impressed everyone at E3 2018 when The Last of Us Part II was seen on stage.

As it has been seen, she will be one of Ellie’s companions in the first bars of the sequel and will have an essential role in what happens from then on. An issue that is currently a mystery, but that can be intuited and is precisely what we are going to try to do in this article.

A New Love For Ellie Who May Trigger The Plot

Anyone who knows Ellie’s career knows that her relationship with Riley was one of the points that most marked her path and defined her personality. The young woman’s death was a hard blow for Ellie, who had to meet again in a devastated world and discover that she was the only hope of humanity, because of her immunity.

For this reason, the establishment of personal relationships is one of the pillars on which the Last of Us saga. It has the nuances that have hardly been seen in any other video game.

As the famous saying goes, “love moves mountains,” and for Ellie, that statement takes a much higher level. How far are you willing to go for someone you love?

That is the great question that can be solved in the development of The Last of Us Part II. In the different trailers that we have seen to date, you can see how Dina is an essential person for her. So, everything points to the fact that their relationship will be around what the plot turns on this time.

Dina becomes the best friend Ellie has had in years. They flirt, they don’t know exactly where the relationship is. We see that Dina is very similar in character to Ellie, ” said Neil Druckmann, creative director of the title, in an interview with the official PlayStation blog. Without a doubt, it seems that Dina will have a huge weight in the plot, and something that happens to her, which does not necessarily have to be her death, maybe what starts the path of this second game.

Will Dina Die?

Regarding this, Naughty Dog already assured that in The Last of Us Part II, the darkest side of human nature would be explored with an enormous degree of violence.

Will we witness something as harsh as rape? It is one of the many possibilities that open up in this regard. For Ellie to seek revenge, there must be an atrocious fact that triggers him, and we know that the young woman always answers for those she loves most. One of these acts against Dina, the girl he currently loves, would be a compelling reason to cry out for that hatred that has been talked about so much since the studio.

Each of the characters involved in The Last of Us has nuances, with a story, with a background. It is something that already happened with Tess in the first title and managed to leave a mark. That emphasis on Dina suggests that she will accompany Ellie for a good part of the adventure, so her death does not seem likely in the short term.

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