Abby Character Wiki from The Last Of Us Part 2

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Abby The Last Of Us Part 2
Abby The Last Of Us Part 2

Abby is a new character who has a vital role in The Last of Us: Part II. We initially met her in the controversial trailer for the game that was shown at Paris Games Week in 2017, where she was captured and brutally tortured.

Who Is Abby In The Last Of Us 2?

It is impossible to talk about Abby without entering the spoilers field. So, we recommend that you DO NOT read this post if you have not finished The Last of Us 2, as there will be slight spoilers below.

Next to Ellie, Abby is a co-star in this game. The player can control her for about half the game.

At some point, we learn that Abby is the daughter of the surgeon who was going to operate on Ellie to create the vaccine that would save humanity but would kill her in the process.

The first video shows Abby and Owen conspiring to enter Jackson City and somehow devising a method of entering Jackson City to kill Joel.

After the city of Jackson is under attack, Joel and Tommy help Abby from the horde of zombies. Finally, they have managed to get out of the infected. Then, those three arrive at a certain house to get horses for the escape. The three end up going out to Abby’s hideout in the north.

If you finished the first title, you know that Abby has excellent reasons to want revenge on Joel.

Is Abby Trans?

Many people have said about Abby’s sexual identity, and ever since spoilers for the game were leaked, players have claimed that she is a transexual woman.

Although, in the game, there is nothing explicit that reveals it. Naughty Dog has already talked about it, and the answer is that Abby is NOT trans.

It should be noted that the suspicions were not so unfounded, since introducing different sexual identities is not a taboo for the study. In fact, there is another character within this sequel who explicitly is.

And it’s important to remember that Naughty Dog has previously introduced LGBTIQ + characters into their stories without making it explicit. Bill, the character of the first The Last of Us, is gay.

However, the player will only find out from a comment Ellie makes when she finds a gay porn magazine that belongs to her. Now, and unfortunately, most players simply believe Abby is one because she doesn’t fit feminine standards of beauty. She has the stocky build muscle and rough personality.

In the end, it turns out that Abby only falls outside of female beauty standards. The Last of Us 2 undoubtedly comes to break several paradigms of what we consider ‘common’ in video games, especially in a protagonist.

It’s true: Abby doesn’t look like most women who are represented in video games. However, this is because Naughty Dog has taken the first step to introduce more body diversity into the industry, displaying a non-normative female body type. However, that does not mean that women cannot wear this body type.

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