Spiders Studio

Spiders is a French video game company founded by many French developers who worked on the Silverfall game and its sequel, who decided to start a new venture together. Thanks to their prior knowledge, they have specialized in action role-playing games. Bigben Interactive, a French retailer, now operating as Nacon, revealed that they had purchased Spiders in July 2019.

It was created when many veterans of the French video game collaborated in the development and add-on of Silverfall and agreed to continue the adventure together.

Although the business is focused primarily on the design and production of action / RPG titles, it does has the capacity to provide solutions in various genres.

The Sony PhyreEngine dubbed the “Silk Engine,” is the company’s own updated variant of the Spiders Players. It incorporates much of its parent engine features and is updated to add its own unique features. In addition to many freelancers and writers, Spiders hires more than 20 staff currently.

Spiders Studio presented its next game this year, which is called ‘Steelrising‘. The title was unveiled during the Nacon digital event and will hit PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC soon. Although an official release date was not provided, a cinematic trailer for it has been released showing an alternate history of the French revolution where the machines took over France.