Sega is a Japanese arcade game and a longtime game console maker. Sega ‘s headquarters is in Japan.

In 1940, the American Martin Bromley, Irving Bromberg and James Humpert established in Honolulu the business “Simple Games.” Bromley relocated his staff to Tokyo in 1951 and formed the corporation SErvice GAmes of Japan. A year after, the company was formally licensed in Japan. Sega ‘s company was the import into Japan of US military coin-operated equipment. SEGA grew rapidly to become an exporter. In 1965, Sega entered the “Rosen Industries” corporation in Tokyo. It was created in 1954 by David Rosen, an American. From passport picture builders to electronic arcade sports, all were discussed. In 1966 Sega produced an electromechanical slot machine which became a global success in 1968: “Periscope.” This slot machine was in the slot machine industry a turning stage. And members of business from America and Europe came to Japan to introduce this computer into the western countries. In 1969, Rosen and the other shareholders agreed to offer Sega to the firm “Gulf & Western Business Inc.” Rosen was already CEO.

In 1976, Sega created Japan’s first professional video game: the Heavyweight Champ arcade game. In 1979, David Rosen took over the Japanese Hayao Nakayama distribution company. To Sega, 1982 was a great year. Global sales crossed over $214 million in turnover.

Sega revealed at the Tokyo Game Show in September 2016 that it had secured intellectual property and production rights from President Kazue Matsuoka for all games produced and released by Technosoft. One of the other reasons driving the acquisition was because of the previous chairman of Technosoft. He declared that the only way to retain the Technosoft name was to grant Sega the rights to intellectual property.