Niantic is a San Francisco headquartered American app company located in California, best known for the creation and publication of Ingress, Harry Potter: Wizards Meet and Pokémon GO virtual increased reality games. It got its name from a whaling boat that arrived after the gold rush in San Francisco. In 2010, Keyhole creator John Hanke founded the business as Niantic as a venture under Google before becoming an autonomous corporation in October 2015.

In 2010 the organization was founded by John Hanke, the internal founder of Google, as Niantic Labs, and came to San Francisco in the 1800s during the California Gold Rush.[4] Around the time of the introduction of Ingress, 35 workers were hired by Niantic.

In the course of its spin-off, Niantic said that Google, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company would invest up to $ 30 million in Series-A funding, $20 million upfront, and the remaining $10 million in financing conditional upon the company’s achievement of the certain milestone, to support its growth.

Niantic received money for Series B from various investors, under the leadership of Spark Capital, by $200 million in November 2017. Megan Quinn of Spark entered the Board of Directors of Niantic after the investment phase.

Niantic was announced to raise an extra $245 million in a funding series C in January 2019. The fund includes the funding of strategic investors such as AXiomatic Gaming and Samsung Ventures funded by institutional venture partners (IVP).

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