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Video Games by Monkey Moon

Monkey Moon is a Video Game Developer based in France. Its headquarters is in Lyon, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes. So far, the team has developed well over three games ranging from PC games to Android.

Here are the recent projects of Monkey Moon: Night Call and Switch

Night Call Game

You’re a driver of a cab. Paris is your place, and every corner of it is familiar to you.

Your job starts when the day is dark and comes to an end when the city wakes up. You labor hard to reimburse your house, taxi license, and expenses.

Passengers hop in the cab at night. You speak to them occasionally. They refer to you sometimes. You’re not just a driver; you re a priest, a trustworthy, a companion for certain men. This routine is anything you want.

If the police announce that the brutal shootings that have destroyed your community are linked, everything shifts. Once their investigation ends, you remind everybody to keep their eyes open.

You continue to investigate by utilizing: people chat, and reveal secrets on your backseat. Talk to the customers, collect clues, and pursue the serial killer.

Switch Game

Switch is a game that looks easy but challeng8ing. You will have to coordinate to press switches.

  • You lose if you miss a circle.
  • You fail as you press on a red button.
  • This game is tough.
  • It’s a difficult challenge.

But you will love this game somehow. Challenge your reflexes and try to survive!

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