Mojang AB Studios

Mojang Studios is a Stockholm-based video game company. The studio was created in 2009 by Markus Persson. Mojang started designing the Minecraft sandbox video game in 2009 which would be the most successful gaming series ever. In late 2010, Mojang Requirements became Mojang AB. In 2014, Persson sold Mojang to Xbox Game Studios (then branded as Microsoft Studios) to abandon Minecraft. Mojang changed his name to Mojang Studios in May 2020.

The story: After a trip and a paying job from Valve Corporation at the beginning of September 2010, Markus Persson and his best friend Jakob Porsér formed Mojang with Carl Manneh as CEO. In a year, the business expanded to twelve staff in addition to becoming the editor of Cobalt with its second video game, Scrolls in progress. In 2011, Facebook CEO Sean Parker agreed to participate in Mojang but was declined. In March 2012, the business produced over $80 million in sales.

In September 2012, Mojang announced a Block by Bloc agreement with the United Nations Human Settlements Program that involves Minecraft players constructing sites in the game as a base for the construction of the town of Kibera in the south of Kenya in Nairobi.

At the beginning of September 2014, they speculated that Microsoft was preparing to purchase Mojang. Both were reported on September 15 the same year, when Microsoft publicly revealed Mojang AB’s purchase of $2.5 billion and, in effect, the purchasing of rights for Minecraft computer games, Microsoft