Frontier Developments

Frontier Developers is a UK maker of computer games. The company was founded by David Braben, who first developed the Frontier video game: The sequel to the ground-breaking Elite.

Frontier had first published a game for sale in 1993. It was well-tested and commercially accessible. After that, in 1995, an expansion was launched, First Encounters, but the publisher of this expansion (Gametek) released an unfinished version of the game containing many mistakes, leading to poor assessment and low game sales, causing Frontier Developments to bring legal action against Gametek in the future. Finally, the issue was fixed in 1999. The business appears to have been working on a new elite extension, dubbed Elite 4, but since 1998, several analysts have been on the Vaporware name.

In addition to the Elite series, Frontier Technologies has been in charge of a successful Computer and console gaming saga like Dog’s Existence and parts of the Tycoon saga of RollerCoaster. Wallace and Gromit also played video games, and Wallace and Gromit were released: the Zoo Project and the Wallace and Gromit game: the Were-Rabbit Curse.

Frontier Developers was founded in January 1994, is a limited liability corporation. David Braben, the Chairman, continues to run the group.

Recently, The new trailer for the Planet Coaster: Console Version gameplay has been announced by Frontier Developments. The game will later be available in PS4, PS5, Playstation and Playstation One X Collection will launch towards the end of 2020.

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