Blackmuffin Design is a 2D/3D subcontracting company specializing in video games, film, and animation pre-production. They split, prepare, blend, and compose video games. Their motto is, “Everything your pixel cravings will be prepared by BlackMuffin Studio.” BMS was founded in 2012 and consisted of three leaders from Emile Cohl in Lyons who have joined together to deliver a new and complementary dream to your aspirations.

Some of the game Blackmuffin has helped with are:

Night Call Video Game

The Night Call video game invites the player to perform the character of a taxi driver whose shift starts at night and ends at dawn. We will be participating in a mystery murder plot in a dialog of investigation game elements and a ‘noir’ setting, in which the suspects have just a connection: they were our guests. Finally, it’s time to overcome the confusion as a Night Call match by interacting with all who are taking to our taxi.


Many of VOID&MEDDLER’s areas are fragments and shadowed images, rainy nights, and blurred colors. Intrusion into the life and dreams of Fyn for a single hour. Tired of the past two years she spent without a goal or memories amongst strangers, Fyn wanted to put an end to all that.

She would have a few hours to fix stuff and to search for good thoughts, innocence, and content. Within a city in which people and animals melt together, she can consider humanity’s long-lost connection absent from her life.

It was the concept of Void & Meddler to build a game that looks like its creators, two noise rock musicians of the 1980s, a flood of synths, road trips, and cyberpunk literature. They conjured the narrative together. They produced No Vibration, tamed the weird thing, came across an orgy wire, neons, and white noises.

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