Activision is a Multinational corporation producing video gamers. It was the first independent developer and distributor of games of its kind. The company was founded in Santa Monica on October 1st, 1978. Its first items were Atari 2600 computer machine cartridges; presently the 3rd largest manufacturer of video games and he produced numerous titles like Call-of-Duty.

Until Activision was founded, the makers of the devices for which they were created exclusively released video games. Atari was an example. Here, it was especially mortifying for game creators as games which did not perform well and were not even receive any financial compensation. As a community of programmers saw how many games were bestsellers, they thought it was enough and disbanded.

Activision became the Atari 2600’s only commercial manufacturer. It was created by Jim Levy, David Crane, Alan Miller, Larry Kaplan, and Bob Whitehead. Levy followed the approach of marketing along with the gaming makers. Activision released the first four titles in the early 1980s: Checkers, Skiing, Dragster and Boxing.

Throughout 2016, Activision continued, through its Call of Duty derived story, to place itself as one of the most profitable firms in the industry. After Skylanders: Imaginators, it was revealed that the organization would put its franchisees of cinema whose first reported collaborations were the Academia Skylanders of partnership with Netflix (including three planned seasons). The label was named Activision Blizzard Studios and an untitled Call of Duty feature that hasn’t been announced yet.