Slime Girls Building A Clone Of Sweetheart

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Slime Girls Building A Clone Of Sweetheart

“Come on already. What’s wrong with me? I knew that my calculations were on point this time. What could have gone wrong?” Molly told herself while checking the numbers again but seeing that they don’t exactly add up.

“What’s up? Still working, huh? Me and Medusa took a break. Our eyes got tired and to be honest, we got kind of bored already.” Marina told Molly while standing in the door, looking at all the hard work she did.

But Molly didn’t seem to hear her. She was too focused on her experiment, covered in all sorts of wires and surrounded by a heap of metal parts on which she would step occasionally.

The clinking sound of aluminum and the noise that her soldering gun made was enough for her to get in the zone and totally ignore anything that would happen around her.

Seeing that she is much too invested into what she is doing, Marina started walking towards her.

“Molly!” She said while being just a couple of feet away from the busy scientist. Seeing that she was completely out of it, Marina decides to touch her shoulder so that she would get her attention.

“You made me mess up the weld on this part! What do you want?!” Molly asked Marina as the latter took a step back.

“You need a break. Come on, Medusa is waiting for us in the other room. You have to get out of this lab. It’s driving you crazy.” Marina told her while smiling.

But Molly didn’t want to leave. She knew that she was so close to finishing what she started a while ago.

The three of them had to create clones of Sweetheart. They all had different styles, Molly relying more on the robotics part while Medusa liked to experiment sort of what Doctor Frankenstein used to do in the novel. Marina on the other hand was the most realistic of the three. She wasn’t passionate about robots and neither with the experimentation of combining different parts to create a whole. She liked to keep things more realistic and closer to the original as possible.

Even though they were tasked with this near impossible job, Molly had a different project in mind. She was currently working on creating a best friend. She always loved to hang out with the other slime girls, but they were just a little bit too different. She got along really well with them but at night, she needed someone to talk to about problems that she might have had, and needed someone with a different perspective that the other slime girls had. So, she was in fact taking a break. Taking a break from creating a close for Sweetheart and she was actually working on a project for herself.

For the next two or three days, she didn’t leave the lab. Molly worked as hard as she could, with little sleep breaks in between, so that she could create the perfect best friend. Finally, at the end of day three, she came out of the lab. The other two slime girls, Marina and Medusa, were just talking about how their clones were going, when they saw her.

Because she worked nonstop for such a long time, she looked pale, tired and food deprived. And even though she wasn’t feeling very well, she had a gigantic smile on her face.

“What have you been doing in there for so long? It looks like you barely slept.” Medusa told her.

But Molly, filled of enthusiasm, let out a chuckle.

“You want to know what I’ve been doing? Follow me then.” She told the other two girls while turning around and walking towards the lab. The two followed her.

When they got there, they couldn’t even walk on a count of the spare parts and wires on the floor. The place had a burnt smell to it and it was really dark, the silence being interrupted by the sound of buzzing electricity.

“So? What do you think?” Molly asked the two.

They came closer and when they saw the finished robot, their jaws dropped to the floor.

It looked like a combination of the three, while still looking like a machine, made from aluminum, steel and wires.

“This is Martha. I created her so that she could be my closest friend.” She told them.

The other two girls weren’t on board with this idea. They were friends already, why did she need another one. Not to mention, a robot one.

“I don’t like it. Just look at it. It’s too…cold.” Medusa said while touching the steel.

At that moment, the robot came to life. It’s eyes glowed red and with a metal tentacle, it grabbed Medusa by the neck.

It started squeezing harder and harder until she was almost out of breath. Molly tried to tell it to stop but it didn’t obey any of her commands.

Marina jumped on the robot’s back, but being so powerful, it threw her against the wall. Marina fell to the floor, screaming because of the pain she felt. Molly then stepped in. She grabbed the robot’s tentacle and tried to free her friend, but with a swift strike, Molly got hit in the face, leaving her unconscious on the floor.

Medusa was almost out of breath and she didn’t have much time to live.

She tried hit the robot in its head but it didn’t seem to do any damage. From the looks of it, the three slime girls met their doom at the hands of Molly’s machinery.

But during Medusa’s final moments alive, the creator of the mange woke up. She managed to sneak up behind the robot and put her tentacles on the wires which connected everything to the battery. The robot immediately let go of Medusa and tried to grab a hold of Molly. It spun around rapidly while the slime girl managed to hold on for dear life to the wires.

Just about when she would lose her grip, Marina came to the rescue. She found a long screwdriver on the floor and managed to jam it into the robot’s head. It immediately short-circuited and powered off.

“Do you really thing you need more friends?” Marina asked Molly.

“You’re right. I have the best friend I can get right here with me.” She responded while Medusa was still angry at her. But in no time, she will get over it and the three slime girls would sit in the main room, laughing and talking about what happened.

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