Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed for Nintendo Switch Review

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In Zoids Wild Blast Unleashed players will let loose the wild mecha power

Outright Games announced that the game Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed is finally coming to the west and will be released on October 16, 2020, on Nintendo Switch.

The Zoid game was first developed by Eighting. It was released in 2019 in Japan, under the name of Zoids Wild: King of Blast.

Zoids is a franchise based on the toys of the Takara Tomy company and has had several anime, video games, and buildable models over the years. In the West, it became known as a result of the anime released in 1999, Zoids: Chaotic Century.

Key Features Zoids Wild

  • Go head to head: engage in 1vs1 mecha fights with stunning 3D combat.
  • Enter the universe of Zoids with faithful pictures as a perfect collection of Zoids.
  • Fresh tale – Support the collective battle to discover a new Zoid subspecies.
  • Check your skills against other teams for two slots.
  • Quick controls – travels quickly and crippling adversaries

All Character in Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed

1.    Wild Liger

The Wild Liger is operated by Arashi, Zoids’ main character: Wild. Identified as a mythical Lion-Type Zoid, after killing 100 Zoids, the Wild Liger initially left the Death Metal Empire. Group Supreme looked for it ten days ahead of Arashi’s conference.

The Wild Liger is a “legendary” zoid. It’s not just an empty word, as episode 44 on its anime reveals as Arashi hears of the Wild Liger’s ancient story.

The Wild Liger is a persistent and special Zoid. Very few people are permitted next to the Liger, and fewer can handle it, let alone move it.

Arashi’s confidence in episode 1 helps him to mount the Liger. And it is not through Bacon’s mentorship that the Liger helps Arashi to dispose the Liger skilfully.

2.    Scorpear

The Scorpear is Penne’s Zoid partner.

It is shown that the Scorpear has long been with Penne. Her parents were Zoid engineers, and when robbers struck, she fixed the Scorpear. Her parents were murdered, and Penne used the Scorpear for a reward-seeking survival.

3.    Gannontoise

The Gannontoise is Onigiri’s Zoid partner.

The Gannontoise is presented in episode 7 on its anime. It is where Death Metal Keys was a topic of study. Onigiri and Arashi release the Zoid and destroy the installation. The Wild Blast of Gannontoise is added in this season.

The Gannontoise is Team Freedom’s slowest and least competitive Zoid, which also takes a risk in tight combat. Nevertheless, this weakness is made up of one of the few long-range guns in the show.

4.    Fang Tiger

The Fang Tiger is led by Team Supreme chief Bacon. It is an incredibly powerful and uncommon Zoid. It is one of the few Zoids that can go beyond a Wild Blast and render limit-break hardware. It was done against Gallagher, and the Tiger was severely hurt.

5.    Triceradogos

Zoids comprise the Triceradogos: desert cartoon, piloted by Gyoza.

The Triceradogos feature in season 10 on its anime for the first time. Gyoza use it for collecting some money

The Triceradogos is a comparatively sluggish, but strong Zoid in Team Freedom. It proves a good alliance along with Gyoza. Once first fighting Salt fails, Gyoza manages to avoid the Hunter Bear, but it is at a major sprint disadvantage.

6.    Gabrigator

In Zoids: Wild, Caviar operates the Gabrigator.

Gabrigator is among the Four Celestial Kingdoms’ least successful solos. Caviar depends on illusions and stealth tactics to catch enemies in the Zoid’s fangs so they can protect themselves.

7.    Gilraptor

There are three Gilraptors in the series with the red Gilraptor piloted by Drake being the most notable. Gallagher also has a violet Gilraptor, recognized as its commander. Finally, in the past, Drake’s parents owned a white Gilraptor.

Before the series starts, the white Gilraptor is killed by death metal. Among the two Gilraptors used by the parents among Drake, that was the Zoid the most preferred.

If Drake ‘s parents decide to abandon Death Metal, Drake and Gilraptors are removed. Drake has an option left: destroy one of the two Zoids or perish himself.

Drake dreams of picking the red Zoid, but he hesitates too long, and he goes with Gallagher. The white Gilraptor leaps in the way, but it is destroyed, and Drake can not make his decision.

It is death that makes Drake work for Death Metal. So, he is very eager to favor the white Gilraptor to the red Gilraptor.

8.    Stegosage

The Stegosage is a Stegosaurus-Type Zoid, which is one over 200 organisms described by the Zoids Style, toy, and television company of Takara TOMY.

9.    Death Rex

The Death Rex is integral to the story as the Wild Liger.

Gallagher operates the Death Rex. It’s a famous zoid in the food chain. It is said that half of all Zoids are liable for the extinction.

Gallagher uses Death Rex while he does not have his Gilraptor. It’s frightening, nearly uncontrollable, and it’s bottled away almost all the time.

In the past, Gallagher and Bacon had once become mates and taught by the same teacher. The need for strength and the failure of Gallagher to defeat Bacon prompted him to search for better and stronger Zoids. Gallagher identified the Death Rex while Bacon allied with the Fang Tiger.

10.    Knuckle Kong

The Knuckle Kong is the Foiegras Zoid, one of the Death Metal Empire ‘s Four Heavenly Queens.

Knuckle Kong is a strong zoid and has a solid defense and effective attacks. It took numerous Wild Blasts to derail the Zoid in most battles. It’s agile, but the running speed is poor.

11.    Grachiosaurus

In the first episodes of Zoids, there are two Grachiosaurus: Wild. Another is operated by the father of Arashi and the other by Kuroame. It is claimed that Kuroanme has never before seen another Grachiosaurus. The Wild Blast of the Grachiosaurus is characteristic of episode 6 of its anime.

Grachiosaurus’s Kuroame has firepower. It is typically seen as a defensive tool against Gallagher, although it is proven to be unsuccessful at the end of the day.

12.    Hunter Wolf

Salt operates the Hunter Wolf. Throughout the past, his father Sugar abandoned Salt as a kid, while fleeing a wild Raptor assault. Salt encountered and worked with the Hunter Wolf from a young age.

13.    Gilraptor Commander

Twice early in the anime series (episode 13 and episode 19), Gilraptor Commander battles and is still defeated. The damages remain until season 42, in which Gallagher placed Drake on a suicidal trip with him. Drake destroys the rebellion base, but during the fight, the Gilraptor has been killed.

14.    Dimepulsar

The Dimepulsar is a tiny open-air zoid. It is an M-size zoid, similar to other Zoids of the Zoids: wild series.

15.    Gusock

Mushi hermit operated the Gusock. It is both Bacon and Gallagher’s “leader.” It reveals that it is incredibly fast, able to avoid attacks from nearly any direction and any number of enemies.

16.    Fang Tiger Awakened

Despite the loss in episode 12, the tiger is shown again only in the final chapter. It crops up as Team Freedom and Team Supreme battle the Four Kings of Death Metal. The fighting skills of the Fang Tiger Awakened will affect the fight.

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  1. Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed has such a Pokemon feel to it for me. Still looks badass and I can’t wait to play it! I wish it was coming out in August instead of October.

  2. I’ve actually never played Zoids as a game per se, but I really enjoyed the series in Cartoon Network. I’m getting a switch soon so hopefully I get to try out this game!

  3. Since they have Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed now here in the United States, I wonder if that means we are going to have some Zoids Wild toys, anime and maybe some shows?

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