Watch Dogs Legion Review: PS4 Gold Steelbook Edition Included

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Build a resistance and take London back in Watch Dogs Legion

If you’ve never played Watch Dogs before, it’s all about third-person video games within an open world. It now becomes a bit of the protagonist’s playground. Thanks to the possibility of hacking the environment.

From light signals to alarms and roadside traps, the first series introduced this premise. Yet, it was the sequel that led to a more exciting story.

Now, Watch Dogs Legion escapes from San Francisco to settle in London. It is where constant conflicts and fights between civilians occur, shedding blood almost as a daily routine. DedSec, the group of hackers from the first two series, will be in charge of fighting them to protect civilians.

But the funny thing is that it is not just a protagonist, as it usually happens. Now, anyone can join the resistance, and be the protagonist at that moment for the player.

Anyone Inside Watch Dogs Legion Can Be a Protagonist

It sounds quite curious, but it is the reality that we saw in our time with the demo. It was set during the night, while a player-controlled character walked through a bar looking for recruits.

The ability to see the names and additional information of the people around us is still present. But now, it also shows their skills. Some may be stronger but have less life than the rest, while others are experts in hacking and not so much in brute force.

Watch Dogs Legion Albion Station Kennington
Watch Dogs Legion Albion Station Kennington

Depending on how much trust you have with that person around DedSec, we will have to do additional assignments for them and thus finish convincing them. One of the examples Ubisoft gave us of this is when we damage an enemy instead of killing him. DedSec is also a potential member of our group in the future, but trying to convince them will be an even more difficult task.

Then, we got to see the new screens that are part of the inventory interface and character menus. Now, all the characters we recruit in  Watch Dogs Legion appear on a single screen, where we can see even more personal details, from age to their stories and backgrounds.

And how do we go about switching between them? We just pick one, and we’ll take over in no time. Furthermore, you can also see them from the city map doing different activities.

It’s just a matter of choosing them freely. Also, the exciting thing is that if we ever need extra support on the streets, we can switch between characters on the go.

Watch Dogs: Legion Gameplay

The gameplay remains quite similar to  Watch Dogs 2, but some additions felt lacking in the previous title. It is a pleasure that the developer has heard the feedback.

The most important thing was undoubtedly being able to use non-lethal firearms, which only cause a shock to the characters and send them to the hospital. It’s still just as brutal, sure, but the option of not having to murder left and right is more than welcome.

Watch Dogs Legion GamePlay
Watch Dogs Legion GamePlay

In the previous title, the protagonists were presented as a gang of young people specialized in hacking and causing vandalism. But during the missions, we had to use firearms with almost no other option than melee attacks, exposing ourselves to projectiles from everywhere.

Then, we could see more changes regarding the gadgets that will be available. Among them, there is a robotic spider that, in addition to giving us the possibility of sneaking through ventilation ducts or smaller places, can also damage an enemy that is approaching us.

We can also use turrets that cover our backs while we are hacking. Also, there are some larger drones that can lift objects, and we can even climb on them while we pilot them. We can drop bombs or boxes on enemies from the air.

Without a doubt, the recruitment and the possibility of embodying absolutely all civilians in  Watch Dogs Legion are the most ambitious we have heard in years, but something raises doubts. Ubisoft said that they are working on giving life to all these people, each one with their own voice and even ways of reacting to the missions we do.

Watch Dogs Legion Characters
Watch Dogs Legion Characters

Also, the protagonists who die cannot be brought back to life from a checkpoint but will stay that way forever. According to them, they want to take this even further, with close characters remembering death sometime later.

The potential to be something different is here before our eyes. But at the moment, we do not know how accurate this vision is going to be when we are in the game, and if it will not become repetitive over time.

For now,  Watch Dogs Legion has a lot of styles, an interesting premise, and multiplayer modes in which we can carry out side activities with friends like painting street art. It only remains to wait until next year to learn more about it.

Watch Dogs: Legion Launch Date

On June 5, 2019, Ubisoft denied the launch of Watch Dogs: Legion via Twitter before its E3 2019 announcement, which originally announced its release date as of March 6, 2020. At that time, the company said it would be available in Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

Recently, Ubisoft revealed that the game would be delayed until an unspecified date in the fiscal year of 2021, which at least April 1, 2020. However, the PS5 and Xbox X versions are going to launch in late October 2020.

Watch Dogs: Legion Gold Steelbook Edition

Watch Dogs Legion Gold Edition Steelbook
Watch Dogs Legion Gold Edition Steelbook

The Gold Steelbook Edition includes:

  • The Watch Dogs Legion game.
  • Three-day early access to the game.

For its digital content, you can enjoy new ways to play with the Season Pass:

  • Seven days of early access for four iconic heroes endowed with game-changing abilities, plus additional story content.
  • The immersive story mission “Not in our name” will be available at launch. Take on a group of imposters posing as DedSec in London and unlock a mask reward for your heroes.
  • The DedSec vehicle skin to customize your vehicles, available at launch.

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  1. Interesting that the protagonists can’t be brought back to life. Watch Dogs Legion looks like a solid game overall though, but it would be cool if you could fully customize your own character!

  2. Always great when the game developer takes criticism and turns it into something better, i.e. Watch Dogs Legion!

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