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The Persistence challenges you to survive aboard a doomed colony ship

Some of the biggest challenges limiting augmented reality from conventional experiences are dizziness. This normally induces dizziness for players to play for a long period.

Nonetheless, we can basically do what we want if we set the restriction aside. That’s what the title The Persistence wanted to do.

Basic Information

The Persistence is an all-embracing game. It is a thriller and a space fiction fantasy for the first person.

It has rogue scenarios generated. This involves both balanced and asymmetrical gaming features via a smartphone application. For short, it is a kind of empty room for the life device ZombiU.

Zimri Eder is our protagonist. Each time he dies, his thoughts, temperament and skills are imprinted on a new body.

And, when we die, we will have another body, without our guns, but with the same skills. With each life, the ship layout changes. So, you have to rediscover it again.

Obviously, for those who prefer traditional experience, it can produce a rather tedious experience. If you like the rogue idea, we think you’ll like it a lot.

Despite having to start over and over again when we die, we become wiser every time we are a bit stronger. Then we’re going to go a bit further.

The Storyline

We ‘re in a space-lost plane, where there’s something wrong. We’ll have to do whatever we can to restore it and return to Earth.

Obviously, we have companions who have transformed into horrible beasts. These creatures are going to strike us.

We must either escape or defeat the creatures. We have a range of guns and abilities to fight them.

Switch The Persistence
Switch The Persistence

The Persistence Gameplay

The goal in “The Persistence” is not to battle. We focus mainly on discovery.

However, we will use our primary weapons to strike our enemies, which helps us to take their stem cells. It’s one of the game’s currency.

We will also find some chips that serve as another currency. We can use it to buy various weapons in the different vending machines.

We will find those scattered around the map. We will also pay for bodies other than the original (once unlocked) with which to obtain certain advantages in life, or even buy upgrades to the character’s basic equipment to improve his attributes.

The Persistence Video Game
The Persistence Video Game

We will find other weapons as we progress. There are up to 17, including guns and explosives (and a couple of hidden ones).

We have a basic but well-considered combat method. We can just click L2 to trigger a shield as the enemy reach us at the right moment. Then we briefly strike them out so that we can take some other steps.

The Persistence provides a mobile application that a friend can help or make our lives complicated. You can control the ship using this tool. You can switch off and on the lights, open and shut doors, welcome enemies or obstruct them.

In general, the fighting and exploration genre for a virtual reality game is highly resolved. It’s quick to walk through the stages slowly, check around the edges, use our thermal perception to sense rivalry, and more.

Aiming is done only by looking. To open doors or pick up objects, we only have to see them for a few seconds. The move is agile and intuitive.

Close Combat is Satisfying

It is a game full of features. It has many ways of improving our character, costumes and weapons, and even of getting the DNA of our falling companions and playing as they.

Any differences between characters are retained. The guns would, however, have to be retrieved again. Fortunately, they will be improved already.

Getting New Weapons are The Secret Of Winning

The mission framework is very well organized, with many activities we will perform as best as we can. We can still check them, much like the charts.

We do have visual hints telling us the route. The doors we have unlocked, for example, are labelled in yellow.

Explore the Ship

“The Persistence” looks so good. Mostly due to their outstanding lighting job.

The light and shadow images create a rather intense experience. Along with the music, moments of genuine anxiety leave us.

You also know that scary games of virtual reality are enjoyable to another level. This game is no different.

What We Like And What We Don’t Like

This game has a big drawback here. It is the lack of translation in many languages.

Yes, it has subtitles, but they’re far from ideal, you know. Furthermore, these subtitles appear only in the middle of the game. Through VR, as compared to a conventional computer, we must focus our eyes in there to interpret them.

As in all free-motion games, the other problem is dizziness. We have a range of modification choices. But, if you’re not used to it, you would potentially feel dizzy.

At the sound level, it does not stand out too much. However, the background melodies will cause us a lot of tension.

Sometimes, we will even get a jump scare, especially in the first stages. The sound effects are correct, and the dubbing (in English) is quite good.

It has been revealed to us that the game provides the ability to use teleportation, but only as a skill. We then need to wait a few seconds to restore it, leaving it useless as a displacement device.

 Final Thoughts: A Fun Game for A Specific Audience

“The Persistence” is a wonderful game, except for the translation. The rogue factor is very much presented in the adventure.

So, if this doesn’t appeal to you, it’s probably not the right choice. If you like it and are interesting in seeing a Dead Space world with some touches of ZombiU, you would love it a lot.

It’s a pretty full game. The campaign mode and survival mode will give us a lot of playtimes.

Apart from the lack of translation and the fact that there is no alternative to free movement, we think that everything it has works reasonably well.

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David Porter

David Porter

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  1. I’ve been a Nintendo fan since the days of the NES, but I’ve fallen off since the Wii (which was actually a fun system even if the graphics were lacking). Persistence sounds like a fun game with a twist (the idea of coming back in a new body sans weapons is definitely different—how it translates into gameplay is something I’ll have to try). I’m going to check out some other Switch reviews before I go with getting one. You can never have too many gaming systems.

  2. I am enjoying The Persistence for Nintendo Switch. I was surprised at how good the graphics look. It’s a good game but nothing beats Alien Isolation IMO.

  3. Sucks that the teleportation has to be a skill and it takes a few seconds to work… otherwise The Persistence looks decent… gotta love jump scaress.

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