The Outer Worlds Review

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The Outer Worlds Review
The Outer Worlds Review

Ah yes, the Outer Worlds, a game brought to us by Obsidian Entertainment. Yes, the same Obsidian Entertainment that brought us Fallout: New Vegas. They also made other games, but if we’re going to compare The Outer Worlds to anything, it’s going to be Fallout because Fallout: New Vegas is definitely one of the best Fallout titles to ever grace our lives. We will always thank Obsidian Entertainment for that, but how did they do with The Outer Worlds? Surely, they’re not going to give us a masterpiece like Fallout: New Vegas and then drop the ball on another action-RPG, right? Say it isn’t so.

What Is the Outer Worlds About?

The Outer Worlds game by Obsidian takes place in outer space. Which makes sense because the title is “The Outer Worlds,” after all. Unless it was going to take place in a different part of the world, which wouldn’t be very fun. It’s almost like Obsidian wanted to take what worked with Fallout: New Vegas (see, we told you we’d mention it again) and go through an almost steampunk space adventure through different planets where capitalism is alive and free. Seriously, Obsidian somehow made the game insanely political with real-world parallels. It almost makes you think about how much into the future they can see.

The Outer World Plays Like Fallout

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” they say. There are different ways you can approach a situation. If you want to walk up to an enemy and blow their head off, that is totally up to you. No one is judging you for your life choices in The Outer Worlds. If you want to be a complete pacifist and talk your way through different situations, then that’s also up to you. Of course, like any roleplaying game, you’ll need a certain degree of persuasive skill to get your way out of a jam. You can’t just talk your way through any situation. You’re not Fonzie.

Much like Fallout, you get to side with a faction depending on the decisions you make. Any reputation earned with one faction will put you in the wrong with another. You’ll also get some sweet discounts at their vendors. The Outer Worlds tries something different by making it a bit more meaningful as far as consequences are concerned when you do lose favor with a faction.

Unlike The Fallout Series…

Surprisingly enough, unlike the Fallout series, The Outer Worlds launched with relatively few bugs. Obsidian shot themselves in the foot with Fallout: New Vegas by having so many bugs one would think it was part of the gameplay. You can’t shoot something at point-blank range with a shotgun? Makes perfect physical sense.

There are some bugs, but it’s not game-breaking like it was in other Fallout games. We’re not even going to mention Fallout 76. The whole world would be a better place if we pretended it didn’t exist. Fortunately, we have The Outer Worlds to distract us. Obsidian Entertainment definitely made up for its buggy reputation with a relatively smooth launch.

On The Nintendo Switch? Get Out!

No, we’re not kidding, The Outer Worlds has a Nintendo Switch port. Of course, you’re not going to get high-definition experience on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo stopped caring so long ago after Microsoft dropped the Xbox into the console war pool, and Nintendo wiped their hands of everything and decided to do their own thing.

Unfortunately, the Switch version doesn’t have the best lighting and textures. There are a few framerate issues, and it almost seems as if Obsidian wasn’t thinking very well when they made a Switch port. At least it feels like playing The Outer Worlds on the minimum recommended settings for the PC. You can definitely tell the difference between the Nintendo Switch and a lower-end PC. It’s probably best just to pick up a copy of The Outer Worlds on the PC or PS4.

Final Thoughts

The Outer Worlds is stupid fun. There, we said it. You’re not going to put a lot of time into it because, unfortunately, it’s a relatively short game. However, the time you do spend in The Outer Worlds is like the quality date you find on a dating app. It might not last very long, but you had a lot of fun in the process. It’s the standard you want all your games to be at when it comes to an obscene amount of immersive fun.

The Outer Worlds does have some downloadable content down the line, so, while the base game seems a little short, you’ll enjoy some DLC soon. Obsidian managed to find a good balance between trying to be Bethesda and not trying to be BioWare. They’re their entity now and all grown up.

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