The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Review for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

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The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope set to scare gamers this Halloween

During the fall, more than a year after the debut with Man of Medan, Supermassive Games added a new piece to its anthology The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope. The motto of the new chapter is quite explanatory about what we can expect from it: Little Hope.

However, even earlier, we say: leave the ocean, its seabed and abandoned remains because Little Hope completely changes the scene. It brings to life the haunting atmospheres of the witch hunt that took place at the end of the XVII centuries in Massachusetts.

Basic Information

Like the first game, Man of Medan, Little Hope will be a cinematic horror adventure. The story will change according to the decisions we make at the front, branching out into various endings.

Most of them very cruel to their protagonists. There are three college students and their professors, who get trapped in an abandoned town called Little Hope.

The town seems to be enchanted, with ghostly apparitions and all kinds of mysteries that you will discover in various ways. You can play it alone, but it is more fun to share the experience in multiplayer, both online or local (in a mode called Movie Night), for up to 5 players, each making the decisions for each character. Like watching a movie where the survival of your favorite character is in your hands!

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Storyline

In the small town reimagined by Supermassive Games, the past hides the murderous madness of the inquisitors. They are citizens who, in the name of the fight against evil, put themselves in the role of judges, juries, and executioners.

They were massacring innocents, mostly women, in the name of the Holy Spirit. Or maybe they weren’t innocent.

Dark Pictures Little Hope Video Game Play
Dark Pictures Little Hope Video Game Play

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope has no problem bringing the paranormal into gameplay, even if, as hinted in the introductory video scene, part of the mystery will revolve around the question: who were the evil-controlled puppets?

The victims, exposed by the inquisitors, or the inquisitors themselves, manipulated in the name of a double-sided crusade.

The Fate Of The Puppets

The search for these answers, together with the most urgent need to survive, will guide the protagonists of Little Hope in a nightmare. As in Man of Medan, the choices of the players will determine the destiny of each one of them. With a pinch of cynicism, we could say that the enemies will be pulling the strings of your puppets.

Little Hope Dark Picture Video Game
Little Hope Dark Picture Video Game

To give us an even more precise idea of ​​what Little Hope will be, in the last few days, we have played a demo of the game, corresponding to the prologue. Here, we can count on two different points of view and a handful of moments for players to familiarize themselves with the gameplay developed by Supermassive Games.

Those who have already played Men of Medan will not find anything new. For newcomers, the most important thing to remember is that, in Supermassive Games titles, you will see even more than actions count here.

Specifically, our test, having to tell a story of the place, had an ending already written, but the details could be changed according to some small choices made by the protagonists. It all happened inside the Clarke house.

Dark Pictures Little Hope Video Game Play Dialog
Dark Pictures Little Hope Video Game Play Dialog

There is a family made up of a borderline alcoholic husband and a wife exhausted from trying to hold the pieces of her life together, Megan, Anthony, Denis, and Tanya, the couple’s adopted children.

Although the game is seasoned with tensions and disputes, it soon turns into a heinous massacre that will not only mark the name of Little Hope to this day. It will also bring the memory of inhabitants the dark past of the XVII centuries.

As already mentioned, the demo allowed us to experience the prologue from two points of view, Anthony’s and Tanya’s. It allows us to have a complete view of the chain causes and consequences underlying the family massacre, Clarke.

Although it was not possible to change the fate of that house, it was interesting to see how the decisions made. Even choosing one answer to another can change the details of the ending.

The Gameplay

As with Man of Medan, Little Hope’s gameplay revolves around three main mechanics: dialogues, which offer a series of possible responses to choose from within a specified time interval, exploration, and QTE events that, in case of failure, you can create a new branch of the plot.

The Dark Pictures Man of Medan Friends Pass announced
The Dark Pictures Man of Medan Friends Pass announced

When our sister begs us to help her by pointing out the darkest way to escape the fire, will we advise her to walk on an icy ledge in the window or try to cross her smoke-filled room and avoid the front stairs?

Neither option is correct or incorrect. Some players may think that the icy ledge is the fastest way to fall and break their neck, others that the smoke in the bedroom is a sure ticket to suffocation.

The most vigilant observers, in many cases, will be able to take advantage of the information gathered during the investigation phases. We do not want to break the spoilers here.

The cast gives another aspect that aroused our interest. In Man of Medan, the protagonists were all children, which probably limited their characterization.

In Little Hope, however, the cast will be made up of three students and two professors. It is a variation that could put players in the hands of more distant personalities. Each of them has all the consequences related to the way they think, respond, and choose.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Commercial Launch Date

Little Hope, the second episode of The Dark Pictures Anthology, will finally be released on October 30 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC after being delayed because of COVID-19. As for the previous chapter, in addition to the single-player story, it offers the possibility of playing it in Movie Night mode.

It is a local cooperative mode where five players pass the command according to the character on the screen, or online with another friend. You can live two parallel stories but destined to influence each other.

Little Hope Dark Picture Collectors Edition
Little Hope Dark Picture Collectors Edition

Little Hope will come in multiple editions. We can buy the collector’s edition, which includes the game, a cloth map of Little Hope, two pins, a metal box (with 4 disc slots), and a replica of Mary’s doll from 1692. It is exclusive to the Bandai online store Namco.

The limited-edition will include both sets (Little Hope and Man of Medan), the pins, the metal box, and the map.

Plus, as a pre-order gift, you’ll get access to the Conservator’s Version, which includes new scenes, playable characters, and story branches.

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  1. The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope looks nice and dark and spooky! I’ve been looking for a game like this lately actually, I am so bored with horror movies that come out today, something interactive like this would be very engaging and intriguing.

    I want to get the collector’s edition, that metal box looks sweet and I want that doll. I’m also a fan of the pins. I also have never played Man of Medan, so this would be a great bundle for me!

  2. My boyfriend is actually looking forward to this game. Dark Pictures Anthology! I don’t like it that much considering it looks too spooky for my liking. I would be willing to try it out though. The graphics look convincing though and it freaks me out just looking at it. It’s great for those who like some thrill.

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