Minecraft Dungeons Review

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Minecraft Dungeons Review
Minecraft Dungeons Review

Minecraft has been one of the most popular games of the past decade and doesn’t look to be slowing down. No matter how many video games have come out in the past decade, one of the most consistent has been Minecraft. Minecraft has come out with different video game spinoffs in the past, but Minecraft dungeons is one of the most engaging.

Minecraft Dungeons was developed by Mojang and Double Eleven and is available for the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It’s surprising, seeing as how the publisher of Minecraft Dungeons is Xbox Game Studios, that Minecraft Dungeons is released on so many different systems. It’s definitely something new in the Minecraft universe. You don’t start the game with nothing like you would with regular Minecraft before working your way to the top. It’s obvious dungeon-crawler games like Diablo inspired the game. It was definitely a challenge for the studio to try to adapt a Minecraft feel into a dungeon-crawling game, but they were able to pull it off. It’s something many were skeptical about when Minecraft Dungeons was announced in 2018.

As far as graphics, players aren’t expecting the best photorealistic graphics. Fortunately, the studio somehow made Minecraft’s low-resolution graphics look as high-quality as they could. Every biome that you remember from the original Minecraft game from tall mountains to villages and caves to swamps made an appearance in Minecraft Dungeons with beautiful color. If you’re expecting a soundtrack similar to the relaxing music you remember from the original, then you’ll be surprised to hear a different soundtrack for Minecraft Dungeons. You’ll listen to some dramatic music throughout the game, but that makes it all the more immersive for a dungeon crawler.

Minecraft Dungeons: Official Launch Trailer

There’s really nothing to the story of Minecraft dungeons other than fighting an army of familiar Minecraft enemies gathered together by an evil Arch-Illager who wields the Orb of Dominance. That’s all the story really is to justify the dungeon-crawling. The familiar enemies range from the skeletons with bows and exploding creepers. As you’re going through the game, you’ll run into procedurally generated levels. That has mini-bosses dispersed between waves of trash mobs. Each level has a big boss at the end of it. It’s fun to take some friends in and strategize through each level, but there’s nothing like mindlessly hacking and slashing your way through waves of monsters.

While Minecraft Dungeons looks like Diablo with a Minecraft skin, it differs from Diablo because Minecraft doesn’t have classes. The abilities of each character come from the gear equipped. Enhancement points to upgrade equipment. Your old gear isn’t useless either. You can salvage old gear to get points to use on new gear. It is fun to min-max in the game, but the most fun comes from trying different artifacts and enhancement combinations to see how you can customize your character with different builds and synergies. The gearing itself isn’t particularly difficult as you only have one slot for each piece of equipment. You can equip one melee weapon, one ranged weapon, one slot for armor, and three slots for different artifacts. The fun part is playing around with different enchantments. It’s not very intricate or profound, but that’s the point of having a family-friendly dungeon crawler because it’s not meant to be too difficult to pick up. If you have children, Minecraft Dungeons is one of the best ways to introduce them to the genre. They can learn essential action-roleplaying elements that can help them develop skills they’ll need to be better gamers in the future. Even dying in the game doesn’t feel as if it has substantial consequences. There are single lives and team lives. If you run out of life, you’re sent back to camp with any gear you’ve collected. Unfortunately, you’ll have to start the mission again, but that’s the only consequence of dying.

Unfortunately, the downside to Minecraft Dungeon is it’s not a very long game. The levels might be procedurally-generated, but the game is relatively short. There’s also a bit of annoying grinding in the game that doesn’t feel like there’s any value to it like there is with spamming dungeons in Diablo. Minecraft Dungeons is one you’d have to play with a friend through online or local co-op because some of the bosses seem a bit impossible to do alone.

However, it seems the game wasn’t meant to be a challenging game like Diablo is. It seems the game was meant for all ages, but mostly for the younger generation to get into the dungeon-crawling genre. It’s very family-friendly and not intended for hardcore players, even on the harder difficulties.

Minecraft Dungeons was a creative collaboration between Microsoft and Mojang. Hopefully, there will be expansions or downloadable content in the future that will add more game time to Minecraft Dungeons, because the fact that it’s so short doesn’t justify purchasing it at full price. However, it is something to pick up if you ever see it on sale, especially if you have children or friends you want to play with. As a dungeon-crawler, Minecraft Dungeon doesn’t take too many risks, but it’s entertaining to play for what it is.

Minecraft Dungeons Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will Minecraft Dungeons be on PS4?

    Yes, Minecraft Dungeons released on May 26, 2020 is available on PS4 (Playstation 4), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

  2. How big is Minecraft Dungeons on PS4?

    1.52 GB will take Minecraft Dungeons to install on your PS4 hard drive.

  3. Will Minecraft Dungeons be on PS5?

    Yes, PS5 (Playstation 5) backward compatibility enables you to run the Minecraft Dungeons. You still buy the game for the PS4 for running it on the PS5.

  4. How much will Minecraft costs on the PS4?

    $19.99 for the Minecraft Dungeons standard edition at the Amazon store. The Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition (PS4) costs $29.99. Minecraft Dungeons will be part of the Xbox Game Pass.

  5. Is Minecraft Dungeons on Mac?

    No, Minecraft Dungeons is not available on the Apple Mac.

  6. How do you get chicken pets in Minecraft Dungeons?

    By purchasing the Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition or purchasing the Hero Pass separately.

  7. What is Minecraft Hero Edition?

    Minecraft Dungeon Hero Edition gives you a Hero Cape, two player skins and a chicken pet. The Hero edition also comes with two DLC packs.

  8. Does Minecraft Dungeons save automatically?

    Yes, Minecraft Dungeons saves the game progress on regular basis. As soon as you finish a map or leave the game the current progress of the game will be saved.

  9. Is Minecraft Dungeons an open world?

    No, unlike Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons does not feature an open gameplay world. Minecraft Dungeons is a hack and slashed-styled dungeon crawler.

  10. Will Minecraft Dungeons be on Steam?

    No, Minecraft Dungeons will not be on Steam at the launch date of May 26, 2020.

  11. Which version Minecraft Dungeons should I buy?

    Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition is the best version to buy. This version, Minecraft Dungeons Edition will get the full game plus two extra content injections in the future.

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  1. I think it was a good game, good attempt to transform the same Minecraft universe into a different genre, I’m just surprised it didn’t have that many attention, not many people streaming it or playing it, right? Still was a good step to create more, I enjoyed a lot the story mode and ofc, the job they have done all those years improving Minecraft, I think they are a good company.

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