Microsoft Flight Simulator Review

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Video Game
Microsoft Flight Simulator Video Game

The eleventh Flight Simulator game is here, and we couldn’t be more excited. Why? It’s been over a decade since the last Flight Simulator game (since we’re not counting Microsoft Flight). Developer, Asobo Studio, with the publisher, Xbox Game Studios, teamed up to bring us the newest entry into the Flight Simulator series. The entire Earth (using data from Bing of all places) is so photorealistic below our planes we almost want to fly around with all 20 of the aircraft in the standard edition of Flight Simulator for hours with no real purpose.

The world is so jaw-dropping. Sometimes we wondered if we were flying a drone over the real Earth itself and not a video game. It’s an experience unlike anything you’ve seen before, and it’s a good starter game for the newer generation to the Flight Simulator series. The developers really did put a lot of effort into the smallest details with this game. Playing it feels like you’re flying a real airplane down to physics.

Yes, Microsoft Flight Simulator sticks to its roots of real-life physics. It’s not like an Ace Combat game or any other video game that involves airplanes where the flying doesn’t seem very realistic. Playing Flight Simulator will give you a whole new appreciation for flying. This game elevates the standards of flight simulating games. You’re not just flying over a country that’s been minimized; you’re flying in real-time across the whole world. That’s how realistic this game is.

When you want to start your flight, you choose where you want to take off from. You can follow a set path, but it’s fun exploring a bit. You shouldn’t try this in the real world, but it’s something fun to do if you really want to put yourself in the captain’s seat of an airplane. You could play in real-time, which is something you should do if you have a lot of time on your hands. Of course, you can’t get up during auto-pilot to heat yourself up a hot pocket, but you can pause the game (something you can’t do in the real world).

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If you’re going to play Microsoft Flight Simulator, then you need to do it on the highest setting possible. Try to go for 60fps if you have the hardware to do it. There’s something so calming about the sunset form thousands of feet in the air. You’ll be able to fly over cities like New York or Tokyo while your computer screams at you for more cooling power. The buildings in the game were a little harder to pull off as far as photorealism is concerned, but at least they got the entirety of Earth mostly right.

Of course, you’re going to see some of the major landmarks of major cities. It’s not going to be entirely accurate. The cool part is playing on a multiplayer mode to see other players as they’re making their flights. Hardcore veterans of the flight simulator series are most likely going to spend most of their time inside of the cockpit playing around with the controls, but it’s fun to take a third-person view of the plane as its flying over lush green mountains.

At its core, Microsoft Flight Simulator is still a simulator, so this game was made with simulation in mind. You can go hardcore with it and get an aircraft flight stick and cruise at ten thousand feet, or you can try to do a barrel roll in a large commercial aircraft. The possibilities are endless with Microsoft Flight Simulator. Don’t expect to drop into this game and dogfight other planes. If that’s what you’re looking for, then maybe the Ace Combat series is more your style. Flight Simulator appeals to the flying enthusiasts who want to enjoy a relaxing flight they’re controlling.

Unfortunately, if you really want to make the most of Microsoft Flight Simulator, you’re going to have to upgrade your PC. You’re doing yourself a disservice not experiencing this massive planet with all its jaw-dropping beauty if you’re playing on minimum settings and putting a huge strain on your PC. If you’re going to pick up Flight Simulator, then it might be time for an upgrade since the MINIMUM requirements for the game are an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 3. Don’t even think about trying to play this game on an integrated notebook graphics card unless you want your notebook to explode. You will also have to make sure you have at least 150 GB free to download and update the game. It takes up a lot of space, but it’s absolutely worth it.

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