Crysis Remastered Switch Review

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Crysis Remastered Video Game Review
Crysis Remastered Video Game Review

Yes, believe it or not, Crysis Remastered is out, and it’s on the Nintendo Switch. Yes, THE Crysis, the one that used to melt entire computers, is out for the Nintendo Switch. Try saying that ten times fast without laughing. Now that you got that out of your system, yes, Crysis Remastered really is on the Nintendo Switch. You would also be surprised that it runs relatively well on the Nintendo Switch too. Either they dumbed down the graphics a lot, or the Nintendo Switch is stronger than any system we had when the original Crysis game was released.

Of course, it’s the former; you’re not playing on a new upgraded Nintendo Switch, you’re just playing a game with graphics adjusted slightly, so it doesn’t melt your handheld system. When you first look at the game, it’s not going to be impressive, but what major title not native to the Switch is going to look amazing when it gets a Switch port?

Crysis Remastered – Tech Trailer Preview

Even though the graphics aren’t as great as they are going to be once they release on the other current-generation consoles, Crysis Remastered plays at a steady 30 fps. Crysis takes a lot from the title before the developers, Crytek, made Crysis: Far Cry. It’s a first-person shooter with a twist. You’re practically a super soldier in a nanosuit.

You play as Jake Dunn, but the game mostly refers to him as Nomad, which is his military callsign as he battles aliens and North Koreans on an island near the Philippines. Yes, you heard that right: Aliens and North Koreans. It’s like they put two of the most over-used enemies into one game and wanted you players to blow them up with miniguns and futuristic alien weapons. Of course, your nanosuit can also go invisible. The game is not really linear, nor is it open-world. Think of it as a semi-open world approach missions.

Unfortunately, the fun battles are when you start to notice the limitations of the Nintendo Switch. Even though this is a remaster, there isn’t too much of a change with the AI. They’re kind of all over the place and easy to run through. You are a soldier in a nanosuit, after all. You’re there with your team trying to save a team of archaeologists who stumbled upon aliens, basically. Of course, they also somehow alerted the North Koreans because they have a vested interest in aliens, too, for some reason. You’re basically dropping into an island with intense firepower and a suit that gives you superhuman abilities to fight North Koreans. They never stood a chance in the first place. Not only that, but your whole Raptor Squad has suits too. The island’s invaders never stood a chance. You’re basically making a Fast and Furious movie with extra explosions and raging testosterone. It’s even better when you find out the environment is semi-destructible. Who needs the island anyway? Blow everything up.

The game does slow down a little bit once you get to the part where the aliens start becoming a threat. Fortunately, there’s a good story that keeps you from losing interest in Crysis halfway through. The disappointing part is that “halfway through” means about four or five hours of work. You could complete the entire game in half a day if you had the time. There’s no real side-quests or things to explore. There’s no collectibles or pizzles for you to do. All you do is run around an island while blowing things up. The dynamic resolution can make things a little painful for the eyes when it’s adjusting during combat. The combat could have used a little tweaking for the Nintendo Switch. Trying to aim with the gyroscopic aiming with Crysis Remastered on the Switch was a chore. It was obviously easier to aim on PC because using a mouse, but this didn’t feel very optimized for aiming on the Nintendo Switch at all.

However, you’re not going to find a better-looking first-person shooter on the Nintendo Switch. Even though the foliage takes a bit to load in and it’s almost impossible to see distant enemies, the lighting and shadow effects are impressive. This is a good nostalgia-trip for Crysis fans who couldn’t run a steady frame rate on older computers. You’ll finally get the 30 fps experience you could have had before without melting your computer, but this might be a little off-putting for newer players. Hopefully, Crysis Remaster is a little better on the other systems. However, the story is still the same regardless of the system, and that’s unfortunate.

Crysis Remastered Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will Crysis Remastered be on Steam?

    No. Epic Games did no mention Steam as a release platform for Crysis Remastered.

  2. Will Crysis Remastered have a physical release?

    Epic Games did not confirm there will be a physical release of the video game.

  3. Does Crysis Remastered have multiplayer?

    No, Crysis Remaster will be single-player only.

  4. When is Crysis Remastered coming to PS4?

    Friday: Sept. 18, 2020 Crysis Remastered will be released for Playstation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One and Epic Games Store.

  5. When is Crysis Remastered release

    Crysis Remastered got a launch date on Friday: Sept. 18, 2020

  6. How much will Crysis Remastered cost?

    Crysis Remastered will cost 30$.

  7. Is crysis remastered free?

    No Crysis Remastered will not be free.

  8. Will Crysis Remastered support 4K and HDR?

    Yes, Crysis Remastered will support 4K and HDR visuals.

  9. Is Crysis an open world game?

    No, Crysis Remastered is a semi-open world working with 'sandboxes'.

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