Crosscode Review 2020: Action Adventure for All Platforms

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An incredible adventure from start to finish, CrossCode has bags of the charm

For some time now, some users have the feeling that a good number of great indie games are going to be forgotten when originally released on PC. Therefore, some games made it available for every platform.

For example, the recent speed arcade Trackmania, the colorful 2D adventure Potata: Fairy Flower, or the splendid classic Streets of Rage- style beat ’em up called The Takeover. Do you want another example of this?

Well, CrossCode is another work that is very worthwhile. After releasing (on tiptoe) on PC, it reaches the current consoles: PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. First, it comes in digital format and later in physical format. It is a version that you can book.

Basic Information

  • Developer: Radical Fish Games
  • Production: Deck13 Interactive
  • Price: $ 19.99
  • Players: 1
  • Format: Download
  • Texts: English

It’s about a classic action RPG. It is something given us so much joy, especially during the era of 16-bit consoles, where practically every month we received at least one excellent series proposal belonging to this same genre for some of the formats of the time.

CrossCode Bridge Under Repair Puzzle
CrossCode Bridge Under Repair Puzzle

Crosscode is an adventure that also makes you enjoy the plot with much more “substance” than any similar game on its class. However, we warn you right now that its development only makes it available only in English.

It is not necessary to understand everything they tell us to move forward without too many problems. That is true, but it is also true that an adventure as remarkable as this deserved to be translated.

As in other games such as the famous Sword Art Online saga (which new series is about to appear, by the way), this adventure takes place in the world belonging to an MMO character game called CrossWorlds.

CrossCode Storyline

The protagonist is Lea. This character has been trapped in the depths of that world through her avatar.

Therefore, we have to help her return to reality. And for that, you will get assistance from some members of the development team of this MMO game (something inquisitive.)

Also, you will get additional help from a handful of NPC characters that appear throughout the adventure. This game is an odyssey that can take us more than 25 hours to finish. Fortunately, it is a quite entertaining and enjoyable trip in general.

Crosscode Diverse 2D Adventures

One of the downsides I notice here is that it takes longer than necessary to start. Until the first two hours of the game, we are not finished overcoming tutorials.

Crosscode Maroon Tree
Crosscode Maroon Tree

We will learn the details of Lea (and the plot in general.) The game also introduces us part of the most important characters that come together in this adventure.

But the good thing is that, once we passed those boring first bars (why not point it out on the game description?), we are rewarded with cool gameplay and quite gratifying progress that stands out for various reasons.

A crucial part of the gameplay is based on exploration. There is a vast number of different scenarios that await us.

It ranges from forested areas to large ships, mountain areas, caves and, of course, dungeons. And in all these places, it is necessary to get rid of the batch of adversaries that come out to meet us.

There is an incredible range of them all. This aspect is precisely one of the great qualities that the game possesses. And of course, there is no shortage of the final bosses.

All of them are different and endowed with unique attack patterns. Therefore, you must develop a unique strategy to finish each of them properly.

The possibilities of attack and defense that the protagonist has been more than satisfactory within its limitations. The highlight is the possibility of being able to attack rivals through simple melee combos.

Most recommended in many cases, you can do it from a safe distance. It is a moment in which the title adapts a pseudo-twin-stick shooter appearance in a “light” color.

However, we will not move forward much if we only dedicate ourselves to attacking without rhyme or reason, since defense is also very important. We have to be able to use a shield or perform dodging maneuvers. Overall, it has a simple but quite interesting combat system.

The Upgrades, Characters, and More

Furthermore, we have more elements waiting for us. It is possible to gradually improve the skills of the protagonist through a simple but practical skill tree.

It is also necessary to interact with a multitude of characters as we have previously mentioned, to which is added the integration of a good batch of puzzles. Without being the most ingenious, they indeed add interest and variety to the matter.

It ends up shaping a game system that without being the most unique in its class, it still gives you a great time playing it. The most attractive one is its visual finish.

We are dealing with the classic pixel artwork that manages to take us back to the times of consoles such as Super Nintendo or Mega Drive. Thanks to its magnificent character designs, its colorful settings and the fabulous setting captured in the adventure.

It has a visual segment that has been well covered. It is not sophisticated, yet it accurately displays the effects.

Its music has a unique arrangement. It can’t get out of your mind, and it works accurately within the context.

CrossCode Ranking Player
CrossCode Ranking Player

Final Thoughts

After going through PC, the current console users can enjoy one of those works in the purest 16-bit RPG style. You will surely enjoy a good number of very nostalgic users.

It is true that it takes a while to star. The work is also not getting translated into other languages.

These two factors may detract interest from a significant group of players. However, it is a game that has a rich development.

In general, it has an excellent combat system in real-time. It is also an adventure that offers many hours of gameplay and has a well-adjusted level of difficulty.

€ 19.99 on Humble Bundle (GameDom may get a commission on retail offers)

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  1. If you grew up playing SNES games, I think you would love Crosscode! It’s one of the most underrated games IMO. So glad to see you reviewed it 💖💖💖 I’m in love with 16 bit look too.

  2. I would definitely agree with Melanie, I am not familiar with Crosscode but the aesthetic and feel to the game judging from the games have that SNES feel to it. I’m loving the look and I would be happy to try this game out.

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