Borderlands 3 Review

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Borderlands 3 Review
Borderlands 3 Review

Borderlands 3 was developed by non other than Gearbox Software and published by 2k Games, has been around for a year, and it’s still going strong. Borderlands has been around for the better part of a decade, and it’s spawned a number of games that included a prequel. Everyone loves a good looter shooter because people love the idea of having roleplaying mechanics married with a first-person shooter.

Instead of killing enemies for the sake of progressing through levels, a looter-shooter has enemies dropping various rewards, upgrades, and weapons. Why go through an entire game with only a handful of weapons like the Halo series, Gears of War series, or the Call of Duty series. So the only thing that sets Borderlands aside from other shooter games is that enemies drop more than just blood. There’s undoubtedly something engaging and immersive about looter shooters like Borderlands 3. Gamers are more likely to get that sweet dopamine rush playing a looter shooter than the normal run-of-the-mill first-person shooter.


It’s the looting.

Why Do Gamers Love Looting?

Gamers love looting. In borderlands, the procedural generation produces a lot of different guns that vary as far as fire rate, accuracy, damage, and other variables are concerned. Let’s backtrack for a moment when it comes to the topic of guns. When we say there are a lot of them, we mean, there are a LOT of them in Borderlands 3. The first game alone had about 17 million different guns. Borderlands 3 has over 2 million. Each one has different combinations such as fire rate, accuracy, and all that, but are gamers really going to sit down and collect all these guns?

You’re asking a generation of players who grew up on Pokemon if they like to collect things. That’s hilarious. Speaking of hilarity, what sets Borderlands 3 apart from other looter shooters like Destiny 2 or The Division?

Borderlands 3 Is Funny

It’s the hilarity.

Borderlands adds just enough humor to be relieving to the psyche. All the nervous tension built up from hours of intense bullet-flying gameplay is offset by completely ridiculous situations and dialogue that you can’t help but enjoy it.

Unfortunately, the humor in Borderland 3 pales in comparison to the humor in Borderlands 2. Although, it’s still as polarizing. It’s like the Family Guy of the video game series. People will try to cancel it even if the jokes fall a little flat.

If anything, people will enjoy the antics of the little robot mascot of the series, Claptrap, and his randomly funny lines. The random innuendos and funny one-liners may offend a couple of parents, but it’s enough to immerse anyone.

It’s Still Fun By Yourself

A lot of looter shooters like Destiny 2 or the Division 2 are difficult to play alone. Fortunately, Borderlands has a good balance of team play and solo play. Sometimes people just want to sit back and enjoy some solo playtime. Borderlands 3 is more appealing to people who just want to do their own thing. It almost feels like a first-person shooter with some added optional multiplayer.

When it comes to gameplay, there’s not a lot of variation from the last Borderlands titles. It’s a lot of running around, defeating enemies, grabbing loot, and seeing what new weapons you can find. There might be some upgraded graphics and a few mechanical changes.

It’s Still Better With Friends

Playing alone is fun and everything, but there’s nothing like the laughter and teamwork you find when working with other people. The enemy AI might not be the greatest, but it’s fun to lay into each enemy with a volley of bullets. There’s not too much cohesion when it comes to teamwork, but it’s just a fun explosion-filled shooting fest.

Unfortunately, the endgame leaves a lot to be desired. You can get to the endgame with friends and try the different modes, but it’s not something that’s really sustainable in Borderlands 3. It might be fun for a couple of hours, but people eventually move on to the next game because Borderlands 3 isn’t the type of game where people stick around very much.

Final Thoughts On Borderlands 3

The jokes might fall flat, and the endgame might not be the most exciting, but Gearbox did a decent game of distracting us from Destiny 2 for a while with a fun cel-shaded alternative. It’s a bit of a shame Borderlands 3 wasn’t a lot bigger than it was. It’s upsetting for Borderlands fans who were really impressed with Tales from the Borderlands only to run into whatever Gearbox was trying to do here.

All-in-all, Borderlands 3 is great for what it was. Not worth a full price, though. You may want to wait until it’s on sale.

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