Would True Support Classes Work In Final Fantasy XIV?

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Would True Support Classes Work In Final Fantasy XIV
Would True Support Classes Work In Final Fantasy XIV

Everyone and their mother had Bard leveled in Final Fantasy XI. It was one of the most sought-after support classes in the game. It felt like there were thousands of songs in Final Fantasy XI because of how many bards needed to utilize in any given situation (but let’s be real, we only used the same four songs in leveling parties while watching Netflix).

Bards In Final Fantasy XI Were True Support Classes

Bards needed to have a number of subjobs in order to be truly versatile from ninja to white mage. However, in most situations, bards simply threw up a couple of songs and watched everyone else do the work, but would that work in Square Enix’s other MMO? Can FFXIV ever have true support classes?

Bards In Final Fantasy XIV Are Archers

When Final Fantasy XIV: ARR was released (we pretend 1.0 doesn’t exist for our own sanity), many bards from FFXI flocked to Final Fantasy XIV expecting to sip on some tea, watch Netflix, and push two macros. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Every DPS in FFXIV is a DPS and nothing more. They might have party utility, but they all need to have the word “uptime” so ingrained into their brain that it ruins their lives.

It’s almost to the point where the word uptime optimization is almost a personality trait.

It’s not the fault of the players so obsessed with numbers as the reason why a true support class in FFXIV wouldn’t work. Some suggest adding an additional slot to the current party limits to accommodate a true support class.

A class that doesn’t need to worry about how much damage they’re doing, but focusing instead of buffing the party. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the current battle system will accommodate a true support class.

Do you think FFXIV will ever get a true support class? Do you have any ideas on how they could implement it? Comment below.

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  1. The current battle systems versatility is partly what makes this idea a monumental undertaking. What I mean is that you can have a light party of four, a full party of 8 with 5dps or 4dps. Without completely reworking all of the content to date, a pure support would need to be able to replace a full dps slot and use abilities that would offset that damage loss. So anything outside of single player buffs that literally double thier damage, I don’t see how it can be done in a balanced way. Party buffs would be either broken with 5 dps or under powered in light parties. Don’t get me wrong, I tend to gravitate towards support roles, but even healers can hold thier own in 1v1 pve situations. Think about all of those solo duties in the game too. The support jobs would need to have a way to complete those.

    I love the idea, but hate what it would take to implement into the existing game. Unless it was another limited job, I just don’t see it happening. And… Bleh to limited jobs.

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