Why Phasmophobia Will Never Get Boring?

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Why Phasmophobia Will Never Get Boring
Why Phasmophobia Will Never Get Boring

To say Phasmophobia is all the rage right now would be an understatement. However, we’ve said that about other games this year that have lost their new car smell like Fall Guys. The question on the back of everyone’s mind is whether or not Phasmophobia will eventually suffer the same fate.

Will Phasmophobia Ever Get Boring?

Phasmophobia has been around for a month now, and the game is still going strong. However, Phasmophobia is checking all the boxes of following the same fate as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout or Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The games released to extreme hype only to peak quickly and fall into obscurity, but what keeps Phasmophobia from falling to that same fate?

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What Keeps Phasmophobia Fun?

Aside from Phasmophobia being one of the scariest games ever made, it’s replayability benefits from never knowing what to expect. Even with two variations of the same level and only two large-sized levels, no game will ever be the same every time you open the door. There are twelve different ghosts in Phasmophobian, hundreds of different rooms a ghost can spawn in, and different combinations for ghost names.

This ensures no one game in Phasmophobia will ever be the same the next time around. From a ghost screaming in your ear to when it decides to hunt, the random events in the game keep players on their toes.

People love to scare themselves, and the scares in Phasmophobia are completely unpredictable. There’s no anticipating the jump scares in Phasmophobia because you never know when it’s going to happen like you would in movies.

With the game being in its early release phase, Phasmophobia can only go up from here. KineticGames has already confirmed they plan to release new maps, new ghosts, and new content once the game is fully released.

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