Why Does Everyone Love Diluc In Genshin Impact?

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Why Does Everyone Love Diluc In Genshin Impact
Why Does Everyone Love Diluc In Genshin Impact

No matter where you look on Twitter, Diluc from Genshin Impact is everywhere from fan art to bless our eyes:

To relatable memes:

But who is Diluc, and why has he captured everyone’s hearts?

Who Is Diluc?

Diluc is a character in Genshin Impact, a fiery nobleman (at least in appearance) sworn to take care of the city he loves.

Why Do People Love Diluc In Genshin Impact?

Aesthetically, crimson red eyes and hair have always been enough to melt anyone’s hearts. The fact his personality reflects that of an aloof anti-hero makes people swoon for him even more. We haven’t even touched on the fact that he’s got drip—gold trimming, black pants, and fur-trims, and flames that affect both enemies and our hearts.

Can Everyone Play As Diluc?

Obtaining this devilishly handsome character requires a bit of luck, as he is very rare through wishes. Trying to get Diluc will really make players remember they’re playing a gacha game.

For now, since there’s no efficient way of obtaining Diluc other than wishes, we’ll have to settle for stanning through social media.

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