Top 10 Rarest Skins in Fortnite

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rarest fortnite skins
rarest fortnite skins

With so many skins available in the Battle Royale title, which ones will make the list of the rarest?

The use of cosmetics is something that plays a huge part of Fortnite. Specifically, Fortnite skins are a huge demand of the community, and Epic Games are able to offer a vast variety of different outfits and looks for players to enjoy. It gives those who play the game the opportunity to stand out from everybody else. The sheer amount of different skins means that it is more than likely that some are rarer than others. Those found in the Fortnite item shop aren’t always the ones that players are seen wearing either because of this.

There are a number of ways in which players acquire Fortnite skins, so let’s take a look at how some of the rarest skins in the Battle Royale game came about.


It is true that some skins required you to have a certain device in order for you to obtain the cosmetic to use in the game. The Galaxy skin is a great example of this, as it was only available if you had pre-ordered the Samsung Tab S4, or the Samsung Galaxy Note. You would need one of these two devices to get the skin, which meant that at the time, given the price of the devices at around $400 back then, it was the most expensive skin that money could buy.

The Royale Bomber

Another skin that you would have to find a certain device for was The Royale Bomber. This time, only those who had the title on PlayStation 4 would have access to this skin. This came at a time when Epic were looking into marketing methods that would see cosmetics being released through other means such as this.

You would need to have had the themed PS4 bundle that this skin came with to also collect it. To add that extra bit of rarity, it was also only available for a certain period of time, specifically over the Summer a couple of years ago. What really adds to the value of this particular cosmetic is that it was only available in Europe, so you were out of look if you were outside of that region.

Ghoul Trooper

Epic Games also introduced seasonal skins to the game, which could only be obtained at a specific time of the year. As you have probably guessed by the name, the Ghoul Trooper came as a skin back in 2017 at Halloween. The significance of the year is that this was just before Fortnite really began to skyrocket to superstardom, so you aren’t likely to have seen many of these skins knocking around in your time with the game.

The Merry Marauder

Shortly after the Ghoul Trooper came the Merry Marauder, which would land in Fortnite during the holiday season of 2017.

The gingerbread-based skin would go on to be one of the rarest skins that you could get in the game, simply because it was only available for a short period of time. We all know that the festive period isn’t the longest, so as you can imagine this cosmetic item wasn’t knocking around for very long. You may spot the odd player wearing it when Christmas time does come, but don’t hold your breath.

The Reaper

As you are probably aware, Epic aren’t afraid of dabbling in the realm of pop culture. The title character from John Wick saw a huge surge in popularity at one point during season 3 of Fortnite, and it isn’t just rare for how long ago it was released.

Its rarity is also surrounding the difficulty in actually unlocking the skin at the time. To do so, players were required to use the Battle Pass and reach Tier 100. With that in mind, there probably isn’t all too many Keanu Reeves lookalikes roaming around the battlegrounds of Fortnite, as such a small pool of players were able to unlock it at the time.

The Black Knight

If you are looking for one of the most rad looking skins with a dash of rarity added to proceedings, then The Black Knight was certainly able to provide. This cosmetic posed a difficult task for players in Season 2 if they wanted to use it, as the method of unlocking wasn’t exactly the most kind.

Back then, there was a level cap marked at 70, which you would need to have reached to obtain The Black Knight. As with a few other skins on the list, this was during a period before the Battle Royale title was the global phenomenon that it would turn out to be, so once again only a small amount of player would have gained access to it. Regardless, it is without a doubt still one of the coolest looking skins that we have seen to date.

Aerial Assault Trooper

There are some skins that aren’t quite (or anywhere near) as eye-catching as The Black Knight, but they certainly deserve a place on the rarity list. Way back in Season 1, the Aerial Assault Trooper made an appearance to give players a different look from the standard skin that was provided to them.

Having said that, it wasn’t quite as standout as the skins that would follow. It didn’t really add much flair, but it was still able to add a bit of variety in the early stages of the game’s life cycle.

Recon Expert

The Recon Expert also made its mark back in the first season. Like the Aerial Assault Trooper, it didn’t offer much in terms of the fresh-looking styles that we see today, but if you still have this skin, then you are one of very few.

Since it didn’t have much to offer visually, many may have let the Recon Expert pass them by. But if you did happen to indulge, you will be able to claim victory royale as one of the very, very small amounts of players that will be using it now.

Renegade Raider

Now the Renegade Raider did offer a bit more back in Season 1 in terms of visual style. This would explain why it was more popular than the previous two mentioned skins, which would make it slightly less of a rarity than its first season counterparts.

That being said, you still needed to reach level 20 to get it, and it still doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s such an old skin by now, so it’s more than deserving of a place on this list.

Sparkle Specialist

If you have spent a fair amount of time in the Fortnite universe, then you are probably familiar with the practice of skins going out of circulation after a time, further adding to a cosmetic’s notoriety. Since we have gone a bit basic with the list recently visually, the Sparkle Specialist is here to jazz up proceedings.

In fact, it the appearance of the skin makes you wonder why it hasn’t made its way back to the Fortnite item shop at any point since. It was implemented in Season 2, so don’t expect to see any Sparkle Specialists busting a move on the map at any point.

Do you have any of these skins? Let us know in the comments section below!

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