Top 10 Best Old School Runescape Skills that Make Money

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OSRS skills that make money
OSRS skills that make money

There are several ways to make gold in OSRS, but there are also a number of skills which could help.

There are a wide range of different skills within Old School Runescape, some of which can be great money earners. How you level these skills takes place depending entirely on the skill that you are levelling of course, but some are able to make more OSRS Gold than others. When trying to raise your skills to a higher level, you will notice that it can often be a costly activity if you are trying to do so quickly.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the top 10 skills that you can use to earn money when you are playing Old School Runescape.


The art of RuneCrafting will give you the chance to make runes that can be used for casting Magic. It is most certainly a profitable skill, despite the length of time that it takes to level up. There are some high-level runes for you to take advantage of, so be sure to commit some time into leveling up RuneCrafting where possible.

The reason that you should commit time is that the amount of profit you make will depend on what level your RuneCrafting skill is at. It will also depend on what the exchange rates are at the Grand Exchange also, so keep that in mind. If you have reached level 91 RuneCrafting, then you could be looking at around 1.1k gold per hour, whilst this increases up to 1.25k per hour when you reach level 99.


If you want to try Thieving, then first you will need to make sure that you have a membership, as it is a members-only skill. Once you are able to do so, you can use methods such as picking locks, pickpocketing NPC’s, stealing items from stalls and more. The best way to go about Thieving is with Master Farmers. This will require you to be at level 38 for the skill, and caps at level 95. If you have full Rogue Equipment, and have passed level 50 Thieving, then you could hit 300k gold per hour. You can find Master Farmers at the Farming Guild, or go to Varrock or Hosidius to get started.


There are a fair-few-things you can do with Mining to earn gold. Essentially, it allows you to get your hands-on Gems and Ores from rocks, which can then be sold on for profit. This is one of the most common methods of using skills to get gold, simply because you can make such a high amount. If you were to mine Runite Ore, you could make over 700k an hour. This will be dependant on the prices that are currently at the Grand Exchange, and how fast you are able to find the relevant Runite Ores to sell.


You don’t necessarily need to use the ores and gems that you mine for profit. Through the practice of Smithing, you also stand to make some gold, with the profit coming to you by making bars at the Blast Furnace. By smelting high-level ores you stand to make the most possible amount of OSRS Gold, though be aware that you will need to be at least level 30 to make a respectable amount. At this level, you will be able to smelt Steel Bars, though the more profitable smelting items come available as your Smithing level increases.

The use of the skill to make profit again depends on Grand Exchange prices. But, if you do manage to get to a level where you can smelt Adamantite Bars, which comes at level 70, then you could make up to 630k Gold an hour if you are willing to put the time in.


On the surface, it might look like Cooking isn’t going to be the best option for you to get the most OSRS Gold going forward. It might not appear to yield as much gold as others at first, but you would do well to remember that you can perform this skill whilst you AFK. In this instance, you can AFK for a minute with each inventory of fish that you are cooking. If you do decide to take up this method whilst you are busy doing something else, then there are a couple of cooking items, such as the Raw Karambwan and the Dark Crabs, can earn you 230k and 130k per hour respectively.


Another good AFK skill method is Fishing. Like cooking, you can set aside and do another task whilst you earn gold. Again, they might not yield quite as much as others do per hour on the list, but at least it’s something that you can be doing in the background and earning gold at the same time. As for recommendations, you could try the Sacred Eels for earning 167k per hour. If that isn’t enough, then you should go for Anglerfish, which can make 200k per hour. To go one step further, Minnows are worth up to 270k per hour. So, if you are looking for another AFK task as well as cooking, then don’t forget about Fishing.


Sticking with the AFK theme, Woodcutting can be very profitable if you chop Magic Trees. These can be found at the Woodcutting Guild, which you will need a membership for in order to get access to it. A good thing about chopping Magic Trees too is that the Woodcutting Guild is near the bank, so you won’t have to travel far. By choosing this method, you can make around 120k per hour from chopping Magic Trees. This well as per depend on the Grand Exchange price, but you will have probably applied that to most skills by now. 120k sounds low, but don’t forget its also an AFK task.


Herblore give players the chance to create potions from the Herbs that they have found. In order to do so, you will need to have completed the Druidic Ritual quest. After that, and you start looking into Herblore as a way of getting more gold, you will realise that there are actually a few ways for you to make a profit. This does make proceedings quite difficult, since you have to constantly keep an eye on the prices of herbs and potions through the Grand Exchange. It changes on a frequent basis, which is something you certainly need to keep in mind. It is hard to say how much you could make accurately, but you are looking at anything between 100k and 500k per hour.


If you fancy yourself as a Hunter, then you can go out to catch a number of different creatures throughout the game. You can use more effective hunting techniques such as laying improved traps as your level increases. You can also buy hunting equipment that will eventually allow you to hunt down even more profitable creatures. If your hunting skill is high enough, then hunting implings is a good way to make OSRS Gold. You could earn anywhere between 600-800k per hour depending on your luck. Black Chins are another good hunting target, as they can net you 700k per hour.


Farming is something that is all too often overlooked, but it can be extremely profitable. The skill lets you grow plants and harvest them, and lets you grow the plants even when you have left the game. So if you are looking to earn gold whilst you aren’t even logged into the game, then this is the way for you to do so.

Snapdragon is arguably the best plant for you to farm, though you will need level 62 Farming and 61 Magic to take advantage. You will also need Snapdragon Seeds, Ultracompost and farming equipment. Depending on the GE prices and how quickly you can sell them, you should be making around 160k Gold per run.

These are all great ways for you to earn gold through your skills. Some are even particularly convenient because you can perform them whilst you are AFK, and even in some instances allows you to even log out of the game to earn money. You might even earn enough to shift on an OSRS gold sell site.

Have you tried any of these skills to make OSRS Gold? Let us know in the comments section below!

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