Final Fantasy XIV NPCs Who Would Be Really Bad At Among Us

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Final Fantasy XIV NPCs Who Would Be Really Bad At Among Us
Final Fantasy XIV NPCs Who Would Be Really Bad At Among Us

Listen, it’s not every day you get to write something completely off-the-wall like a cross-over between the popular MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, and Among Us, one of the hottest titles seeing a resurgence.

For some reason or another, the Final Fantasy XIV community on Twitter decided they wanted to have a cross-over between the two games, at least through completely nonsense (but hilarious) tweets:

Seeing this really got us thinking, what other characters, besides our magically aloof Urianger, would be absolutely terrible at Among Us?


We all know Magnai has plenty of pride. His whole personality trait is lording over people while never being able to find love. If he had a Twitter account, he definitely would be called an incel at least once or twice.

Magnai would be terrible at Among Us because he respects shows of strength. If he saw another crewman snap the body of another in half to the point where their spine was exposed, he would not call an emergency meeting; he would want to challenge them to combat.


Who doesn’t love a hunky older man who knows how to fix things? Despite being a Garlean, Cid has defected from Garlemald so he can continue his tinkering in private until the calamity partially wiped his memories.

While Cid is a good-natured fellow, he would be terrible at Among Us because he would just do tasks. What’s wrong with that, you ask? He would still try to do them even if he was the imposter. He wouldn’t kill anyone; he just wants to fix the issue in electrical.


Fray is part of the Dark Knight storyline and relishes in combat. To say Fray has some serious beef with the temple knights of Ishgard would be an understatement. However, it isn’t revealed until later in the Dark Knight storyline that, well, this would be spoiler territory, but why would Fray be terrible at Among Us?

Fray is unhinged. At some point, Fray’s not going to care about methodically killing people in the dark corners of the map. Fray’s going to slice through another crewmate as soon as the round starts in the cafeteria. The concept of Fray would never die, but you’ll have to play the Dark Knight story to find out why.

What NPCs in FFXIV do you think would be terrible at Among Us?

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