What Are Games Like Omori?

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What Are Games Like Omori

A year ago we wrote a piece of three games similar to Omori, but after playing through the entirety of the game we found more games like Omori we’d like to compare the game too. 


Earthbound Video Game

Surprisingly, we did not compare Omori to Earthbound originally. Fortunately, Earthbound is now on mobile with the Nintendo Switch. There aren’t many mobile games like Omori, but with Earthbound on Nintendo Switch Online, it makes it one of the mobile games like Omori. Omori and Earthbound both share dark themes, a similar aesthetic with quirky characters, and an engaging story. While Omori’s theme gets a lot darker than anything Earthbound would think to touch, it is great for those who need their fix after getting introduced to the genre because of Omori.

Lisa: The Painful

Lisa The Painful Video Game

Games like Omori on Steam are few and far between, but if you want to find a game with similar dark themes and retro graphics, then look no further than LISA: The Painful. Unfortunately, if you are looking for games like Omori on the Switch, then you will not find LISA: The Painful, as it’s only available on Steam. LISA: The Painful is not a top-down RPG like Omori is. However, it is a game like Omori because of how dark the game gets in some places. It can get very disturbing, and players test the limits of how heartless they are.

A lot of people who finished Omori still have it in their heads. These games, like Omori, are great recommendations if you want good stories sprinkled with some psychological horror. Omori is certainly surreal, and there is certainly nothing exactly like it, but there are definitely games like Omori to keep you satisfied, such as Earthbound and LISA: The Painful.

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