Omori PlayStation 4 Release Date: What We Know

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Omori PlayStation 4 Release Date What We Know

The Omori PS4 release is something fans of Omori have waited for since the hype surrounding the game renewed pending its release. The Omori PlayStation 4 release date was pushed back as much as the game’s release due to difficulties in its development. When the game was finally released on macOS and Microsoft Windows, there was no Omori PS4 release date. However, the developers did announce an eventual port for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch with an eventual Japanese translation.

What Is Omori?

Omori Gameplay Hero Remember what Mari said PS4

Despite no Omori PS4 release, the game earned overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam for everything from its cute graphics to an immersive soundtrack. What hooked players the most was the game’s theme and story, which went to very dark places. Unfortunately, console players were left watching streams or YouTube videos.

Does Omori Have A PS4 Release Date?

Omori Gameplay Hero it is so strange PS4

Fortunately, after numerous Omori PS4 release delays that kept console players wondering if they will ever get the chance to get their hands on the game, Omori is finally getting a PlayStation 4 release. The Omori PlayStation 4 price is $34.99 to preorder the physical copy directly from the developer’s website, Omocat.

Now PlayStation 4 players can enjoy Omori’s colorful dream world to go on a vibrant adventure with friends as they uncover the mysteries of the game and discover what gives Omori a strong mature rating.

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You can watch the Omori PS4 release preorder promo here:

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