You Need To Pull Klee Right Now

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You Need To Pull Klee Right Now

You there, reading this, stop what you’re doing and pull Klee right now. I know what you’re saying, “We already have Paimon as our token loli in Genshin.”

No, we need you to go and pull Klee. She has a story quest where you can get a feel for her gameplay style, but the only way to truly get her is through gacha. That means you need to spend some money.

Meal prep with dollar burgers at Mcdonalds if you have to. It’s worth giving these developers all of your money for one of the cutest lolis we’ve ever seen in the history of everything. Don’t believe us? Check this out.

Yes, we know it’s hard to pull Klee. We’ve seen first-hand how stressful it is. It’s quite honestly a pain. If you need a visual of just how painful it is to pull Klee, you can always look at this and whisper to yourself, “relatable.”

Klee is so important that people are giving up their love of Venti in exchange for Klee. Just look at quickly the internet will shed themselves of beloved characters in exchange for the best loli in Genshin Impact. Yes, we know Qiqi exists, but look at Klee again.

Plus, look at how useful she is:

Are you convinced yet?

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