Yoshi-P Responds to FFXIV Housing Problems

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Yoshi-P Responds to FFXIV Housing Problems
Yoshi-P Responds to FFXIV Housing Problems

On April 16th, depending on where players are in the world, players woke up, came home from work, or finished school to see if they won the housing lottery. While some players won the lottery and were able to start decorating their new houses, thousands of players were left in the dust. What’s worse, many of the losers were the only bidders for a house, so what happened and what did Yoshi-P have to say about the FFXIV housing issues?

What Were the Issues with FFXIV Housing?

Players used to stand in front of a housing placard on busy mode hoping that spamming would get them a house. The Final Fantasy XIV developers developed a system where players would bid on houses through a lottery system. Unfortunately, on April 16th, players noticed there was a bug where 0 counted as a winning number for the lottery.

Many players took to Twitter and Reddit to express their frustrations over the FFXIV housing issues, but what did Yoshi-P say about the housing problem?

Did Yoshi-P Respond to FFXIV Housing Problems?

On April 16th, after the backlash, Yoshi-P issued a statement on the issues with FFXIV housing:

Issue FFXIV Lottery System

Yoshi-P himself responded to the housing lottery system by apologizing for the matter. The result announcement period was also extended to April 20th. Unfortunately, losers looking to bid on the next cycle will have to wait until the investigation is over.

Were Players Satisfied with Yoshi-P’s Response to The FFXIV Housing Issues?

Despite the apology from FFXIV developer, Naoki Yoshida, there was still backlash over the housing crisis. Even if the FFXIV players were the only bidder on a house, there wasn’t a specific enough explanation of the housing issues for some players. Yoshi-P issued a follow-up explanation that you can find here.

Issue FFXIV Lottery System 2

Despite a longer apology and transparency, they did not find the root cause of the FFXIV housing issue. What did you think of the FFXIV housing problems from April 16th? Did you get a house in Ishgard?

Issues With Housing System Drives Millions of FFXIV Players to World of Warcraft

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