Yes, There Are Klee Fancams

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Yes, There Are Klee Fancams
Yes, There Are Klee Fancams

This is why the internet exists, so we can break you absolutely breaking news that Klee fancams exist. Now, you’re probably in the middle of the painful and frustrating gacha life of trying to pull Klee. However, there is plenty of Klee content on the internet for you to sift through as you’re struggling to pull Klee after playing around with her limited story gameplay.

Are There Klee Fancams?

Yes, there are Klee fancams. We felt this was important enough to make an entire post about it on the internet because we want future scholars to figure out what we, as a society, really put our energy into.

Now, there’s not enough footage of Klee to make different fancams. Most of the fancams are from her reveal trailer, but they’re all unique in their own way.

And one you might need in the future:

After you’re done watching Klee fancams, tell us how your Klee pulls have been lately?

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