Xbox Series X Will Support The Old Games You Love

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Xbox Series X Will Support The Old Games You Love
Xbox Series X Will Support The Old Games You Love

After a period of peace and tranquility, it seems that PlayStation and Xbox are preparing to compete with the new generation for everything for the market. The backward compatibility of Xbox Series X is a strong argument at Microsoft.

They are trying to put it in value. Here, we will analyze the keys to this functionality for the future.

What Xbox Says About Backward Compatibility

Today, it was confirmed that the presentation of the first PS5 games would take place next week. Aaron Greenberg, Xbox marketing manager, soon sent a message referring to what was said by the Sony manager regarding those games that can only be played on PS5, practically closing the door to cross-gen with PS4.

Greenberg’s post was immediately taken as a response to Jim Ryan’s statement. The team shows the difference in strategy.

Microsoft’s gaming division has bet on in support of previous generations of Xbox. In this sense, it is known that the brand has its backward compatibility program; there will be a transition period that will allow these games to reach Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

This way, it explains the policy utterly different from its competitors. From Xbox, they will give value to the backward compatibility, and all the games from their studios will continue to be available on Xbox Game Pass from the first day.

The games will automatically be enhanced for Xbox Series X. It will feature thousands of available launch games thanks to backward compatibility.

It is expected that sooner, we can see an excellent presentation of Xbox Series X about the compatible games. This is because Sony has already set a date and time for the presentation of the PlayStation 5 games.

Microsoft supports games that can be played on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, including Xbox 360 games and games that were initially released on the first Xbox. It does not mean that it includes every previous console game, because not all have this backward compatibility on Xbox One.

All PS4 games will be compatible with PS5 from July to pass the certification. It means that at least 100 of the most popular games on the console will be available. However, there is no news or confirmation beyond the current generation.

What Else Xbox Series X Promises

That backward compatibility is a point in Microsoft’s favor is no secret. The company itself knows how to exploit little by little this potential they have been working for years. Because let’s not forget that this functionality is not the result of chance, it is a background work that has flourished since Xbox One.

With Xbox Series X we will not only have a hypervitaminated backward compatibility. Microsoft also promises that they will not leave players behind for at least a couple of years. It means that during that span of time all Xbox Game Studios games will see the light on both machines. Or at least, that’s the theory.

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  1. This could get me back into Xbox. I haven’t played Xbox since I had an Xbox360 but the Xbox Series X’s backwards compatibility is making me think I might just get it instead of a PS5. Here’s my reasoning. PS5 doesn’t have a ton of games I’m interested in and it’s been a while since I played some of the Xbox exclusive titles. I’m likely going to get an Xbox Series X and play my PS4 (unless the Series X is ridiculously expensive)

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