Xbox Denies There Are Delays In Its Summer Event

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Starting with the COVID-19 crisis and ending with the George Floyd case in the United States, delaying an event in the video game industry is a daily headline right now. On Twitter, writer Jeff Grubb from VentureBeat has tried to bring a thread recording date changes to programs like PC Gaming Show or Night City Wire. Recently, he has also listed a delay in the Microsoft Xbox event.

For greater accuracy, he had listed that the “June event” had been postponed until August as part of a strategy to yield to Sony. “They definitely don’t want to go first,” said Grubb. This event is part of a Microsoft initiative that consists of releasing monthly updates with news from the Xbox world: games, updates, and more.

XBox Denies the Tweet

The note has reached the ears of Larry Hryb, one of the visible faces of XBox, who has not hesitated to comment on the following: ” We have not delayed anything, our plans are still to have the next digital program in July, and the teams are working hard at it.”

As you can see, the situation is the result of a misunderstanding. It seemed logical that the next Xbox event would take place in June because monthly programs were initially discussed.

However, it seems that Microsoft’s plans are clear: we will hear from Redmond and the Xbox Series X console in July, as previously announced, to watch games of its own harvest including the upcoming Halo Infinite and as many third-party games.

Grubb replied to Hryb’s comment quickly: “Xbox never announced anything specific for June, other than ‘monthly events.’ I almost agree that you can’t put off something you haven’t announced. Anything I talk about it is not publicly confirmed. It is always fuzzy, “the writer defends himself. It doesn’t seem to be clear where the rumor of a possible delay until August came from.

What Journalist Assume

The journalist values ​​two possibilities. The first is that Microsoft wants to counterprogram Sony and, therefore, for the moment, it has not given a date for the June event. But it is keeping the event by the end of June.

After this first event, Microsoft would have the month of July for the second, focused on its first-parties and a third in August, the content of which is still unknown. However, it would be very close to the Sony’s State of Play.

The second is that this third Xbox event is the one that was initially set for June but delayed for the summer. It will become the event dedicated to hardware that was announced, initially, for this month. Grubb refers to the PS5 event scheduled for Thursday, June 11, which has been delayed a week ago.

Although the Xbox event next July will reveal the games you can play on Xbox, we hope to see its final design of the console. Do you think Xbox will give another detail of its newest hardware?

Image credit: videogamesblogger.

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