Xbox Series S Lockhart Features and Price Leaks

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Xbox Series X Video Game Console
Xbox Series X Video Game Console

Microsoft has been working for a long time to build a new console. In addition to its new generation Xbox Series X console, they work on a console which purposes for streaming. The code name is Lockhart (although, many already consider it the Xbox Series S). Now, rumors suggest that it will be priced at literally half the cost of the Xbox Series X.

To this day, the price that the Xbox Series X is still unknown. Although figures of between 400 and 600 dollars are possible, an official confirmation is still expected from Microsoft.

Lockhart, Microsoft’s Streaming Console

Lately, there has been little talk about this console. Gamers except for some documents that confirmed that Microsoft worked on it. Some rumors said last year that it would have an AMD Picasso APU. Also, it would not have a Blu-Ray reader.

It is something normal. If it is a console focused simply on streaming games, it would be more than enough to deliver the necessary power.

Its existence is quite logical since Microsoft xCloud streaming gaming platform already exist. Therefore,  launching an exclusive console to be able to play on its platform would be a way to encourage its use.

On the other hand, it has been mentioned that the S Series will have the same CPU speed, but will have less RAM. It will also include only six teraflops of power. Hence, we are not talking about an Xbox Series X All Digital Edition, but an Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S, half the price of Xbox Series X?

From here, we talk about rumors. Therefore, we must take them as such.

It all comes from the user Eastmen in the Beyond3D forums. This user has shown us in the past to have access to information from Microsoft Insider.

If Microsoft launches the Xbox Series X for 400 dollars and the Xbox Series S (or whatever they call it at the end) for 200 dollars, of course, they will make things very, very difficult for SONY. It is a price that it will surely attract many undecided users who do not know whether to buy PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Eastmen has also mentioned a supposed conference that will take place in July. Here, not only would this Xbox Series S be announced but also the price of this and the Xbox Series X would be confirmed. According to this, Microsoft will title the event as “night of mic drops”, and they will also reveal a good number of games.

Finally, according to the Insider, Microsoft wants to become what Netflix was years ago when they began their journey in streaming video. They are collecting an enormous amount of content by the time they launch their platform. Remember that Lockhart would be a cheap console that will only serve to play in streaming. Therefore, the Xbox Series S is attractive from the beginning not only for its price but also for having an extensive catalog of games.

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