The Xbox Store For PC Now Allows You To Install Mods For Their Games

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Xbox games overview
Xbox games overview

Until last year, all Microsoft Store games had to use the UWP format, which does not allow users to modify files. This is a small but essential step, even though other digital stores like Steam have fully embraced mods many years ago.

However, there is the latest big news coming to the program, through its beta branch, which is an in-store enhancement. This update allows users to enable mods for their games. Indeed, it is the most popular practice among computer gamers.

Mods are coming to the Microsoft store!

Mods are extensions of the Software that modify the original game giving it new possibilities, settings, dialogues, characters, objects, etc. The communities of amateur developers who create content for great games or try to revitalize that forgotten game is growing, and it is something that the Steam Workshop is a thousand steps ahead of the UWP and the Microsoft store.

The installation of mods is under the responsibility of the player himself. It is a welcome feature.

Unfortunately, from Windows Central report that at the moment, the only game that seems to be compatible with this function is Into the Breach. It is an excellent strategy game from Subset Games.

As you can see in the attached screenshots, the interface now shows the button “enable mods.” By clicking on it, a warning message appears.

It is indicating that the use of modifications is under the responsibility of the use. Therefore, there is a possibility that it could interfere with Xbox Live features or future official updates, just as it happens in any other store; as well as that the unofficial content is not related to the age classification of the program. Nothing out of the ordinary.

When confirming the action, a new screen is displayed with access to the mods folder of the game in question, which logically we must replace with the original files to uninstall third-party content. Hopefully, in the future, Microsoft will add more mod-compatible games to its Store.

Because for now, they seem to be busy with many other tasks such as the launch of Xbox Series X. They also just launched Mercury as the redesign of the Xbox store for consoles.

Microsoft hasn’t discussed mod support for Microsoft Store games until now, but this is all happening because the Store finally got support for Win32 app games.

What Gamers Expect about This Update

Microsoft has already warned us that they were working on the possibility of including mods in their games. Well, it seems that the architecture of the Xbox application (Beta) has changed, and this addition is now possible for games downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

At the moment, there is no store as such where the mods of all the games are available. It is expected that in the future, this feature would come. However, this first trial on the PC community is sure to be happy news.

Image credit; Microsoft and MobileSyrup

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