The new Xbox Store Shows Interface Improvement

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xbox store front new design
xbox store front new design

When we think of the new generation, the first thing that comes to mind is a technological advance. People would expect Better graphics, reduced load times, more images per second.

Among all the improvements one dreams of for machines like Xbox Series X. The interface and accessibility changes are one of the points that need a good hand of sheet metal and paint. An evolution that Microsoft seems to have already more than internalized.

How does the new Xbox Store Will look?

Under the name Project Mercury, Windows Central has unveiled much of the coming change for Xbox One and Xbox Series X. It comes with a substantial upgrade to the Xbox store. The new design, which further blurs the separation between the PC app and Microsoft consoles, aims to be more comfortable, faster, and cleaner.

The trailer focused on functionality rather than on the show. The new interface is also in charge of accelerating and facilitating access to all those tricks with which you already. The current Store counts, from filters to user analysis.

With no release date on the horizon, the leak seems to have come from the Xbox Alpha Ring testing program. It indicates that it shouldn’t take too long to start seeing it hover over the Xbox Insider program. And after some testing in there, it will begin to reach other users.

Microsoft continually works to improve its services and applications. With the arrival of the new generation of consoles, the company could have some news to show regarding its services for PC and Xbox. We say this because prototypes showing the redesigned Xbox Store on the way began to circulate on the Internet .

A Series of Leaks about New Xbox Store Design

According to information from Thurrott, Twitter user wincommunity shared screenshots of the new application from the Xbox Store, which identifies elements of Microsoft Fluent Design. Later, YouTube channel Brad Sams shared an early version of Project Mercury. You can see its supposed code name and a functional version of the application in the video.

As you can see in the video above, the interface will be very intuitive. The application displays several featured games in the Featured section, while on the left side, you can see different icons with different functions.

When you click on a game, two options stand out: install or buy it. As you can imagine, the first option allows you to play a free and trial version, and it is only possible to download it if you have a demo in the Store. If they are sold in several editions, they will also be displayed.

It is also striking that there are tabs for the best-selling or most free games, as well as one wholly dedicated to Xbox Game Pass titles.

Keep in mind that Microsoft has not officially spoken about this new application. The details of its launch or what platforms it will be available for are still a mystery. It can be possible only to go to Xbox Series X  or will be Windows 10 or as well. It is also unknown if this new application will replace the Microsoft Store or if it will only be dedicated to games and other apps shared by consoles and PC.

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