The Latest Xbox Error Codes and What They Mean

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The Xbox game console is nothing more than a computer. It has all the hardware elements of a PC, such as the CPU, RAM, I / O system, storage, peripherals, etc.

Of course, it has an operating system. And if you didn’t know it, it is a particular version of Microsoft Windows that uses the same Windows NT kernel.

Therefore, this device is not free of error codes, as it happens to your desktop system. Fortunately, the limitations of this Xbox system make it much more secure. Therefore, although it is feasible in practice, you will not encounter malware as it happens on other platforms.

Based on Windows NT, the system has to show that something if anything has gone wrong. To do this, it is displaying alphanumeric type error codes. However, the codes do not reveal much detail about its error.

Therefore, you will find it difficult to interpret. The only thing you can do is identify what is happening, as well as look for a possible solution.

List Of Xbox Error Codes

If you have an Xbox One, then you may encounter a series of error codes that you should be aware of.

The list of most frequent error codes is:

  • E101 and E305: They refer to problems in the update. Try to do an update offline using USB media.
  • E102, E105, E106, E203, and E206 – These are errors related to serious Windows system problems. To solve them, you need to restore the console to its factory state, which will make you lose all the data.
  • E100, E200, E204, and E207: It is an error that appears at startup. Restart your Xbox by pressing the button for 10 seconds. If this is not solved, then proceed as in E101.
  • 0x87DD0006 and 0x80070102: These hexadecimal codes are related to system apps, such as Xbox Live login in this case. Check that your connection is OK or try again in case it is a problem on Microsoft servers. Another option is to try restarting the console.
  • 0x803f8003 – This other Xbox error code is because the subscription has expired. Check the services and subscriptions section if you want to continue playing. It is likely that if you have an active subscription, it is a temporary failure.
  • 0x87E105DC: This occurs when trying to open a game or app, indicating that some of its components are not available. It is usually due to interruptions of the Xbox Live service. Treat it like 0x87DD0006 and 0x80070102.
  • 80162711 – This is a problem related to the firmware of the Xbox console. Usually, it’s because you don’t have the latest updated version.
  • 87E00008: Refers to the installation of video games, indicating that it is not installed correctly on the Xbox. Try restarting, reinstalling the game, or checking that the Xbox Live service is working correctly.
  • 807A1007 – Indicates problems with Xbox connectivity. They can be occasional failures that resolve themselves; in others, they could be related to closed ports that you should open from the network configuration.
  • 0x8027025A and 0x80A40019: It is a temporary problem that does not have to do with your console, but with Xbox Live servers. Please try again later or reboot. Also, check your connection.
  • 0x80820002 – Indicates problems with the inserted disc. It may be due to the optical drive itself, due to dirt in the reader, etc. Try to see that it is not scratched or has dirt.

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