XBOX One Summer Game Fest Event Showcases 70+ Games Demo

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Summer Game Fest XBOX
Summer Game Fest XBOX

The Summer Game Fest event of Xbox One has already started. It is clear that this week, Microsoft fans will be watching the Xbox Series X gaming event that will take place next Thursday. But aside from that, the Summer Game Fest Demo event of the ID @ Xbox program that supports independent or low-budget video games has also just started. What does all this translate?

Users of Microsoft consoles will be able to browse a collection of 70+ video games produced by independent creators, medium-sized developers, or AA developers between 21st July to 27th July.

Summer Gaming Fest Previews for Xbox One

Some games, which take a few months and even years, appear in the press and on social networks among the demonstrations current. Phogs! is one of them. It is the fun puzzle adventure from Coatsink, where you handle two dogs attached from the same chest, one with each button.

SkateBird often attracted interest as introduced, as it’s not a skateboard game every day. So, it’s not common to see a skateboard game where various styles of birds are treated. ScourgeBringer, a roguelite website, has also been highly appreciated after Early Access was launched.

Cris Tales shocked you as well with an incredible demo. It is a JRPG that simultaneously represents modern gameplay, and visual mechanics focused on the past, present, and the future. Destroy All Human! is really special! Remake a review of the mad 128-bit action title.

Look also at Haven. It has an original fighting experience by the makers of Furi; or at Welcome to Elk, an autobiographic novel that incorporates comedy and suspense focused on actual events.

However, above and beyond these suggestions, we encourage you to browse the wide spectrum of over 60 games on the Xbox One Microsoft Website. You never know which title your interest will be attracted to.

On 23rd July, we can see more Xbox titles

The Xbox Gaming Showcase will be hosted this Thursday. It is a streaming gathering at which the Redmond corporation highlights the titles its first-party developers will be developing for Xbox Series X premier. It is where details like Halo Infinite and part of the expansive portfolio awaiting the device will be available.

Though, there is an alert taken from the Xbox site directly. “The games will be released today, and we invite you to check out the Xbox Dashboard again because more are on the way through the entire week. Note, most of these previews are early and might not be a launch endgame, including the release in each region, as the developers keep testing and refining their games until launch.”

We suggest visiting the full entry of all the games in the plan.

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