WoW Classic: How Complexity Limit Toppled Method by Defeating N’Zoth

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WoW Classic
WoW Classic

One of the highlights of the year so far in WoW Classic saw Complexity Limit making history.

Earlier this year, we saw Complexity Limit, the North American WoW guild, take their place in the history books by defeating the Mythic difficulty Ny’alotha raid. Many aspects of the game involve you collecting WoW Classic Gold, traversing dungeons, grinding levels, and much more. Raids also play a huge part of it, which often leads to online competition in the manner we saw here.

The Road to N’Zoth

On their way to dethroning their European counterparts, Method, Complexity Limit set out in preparation of their monumental victory by taking on a number of other bosses that were set at Mythic difficulty. These would include the likes of the Hivemind, Shad’Har the Insatiable and Vexiona, which would lead to their last Mythic scalp of Carapace of N’Zoth. This took place six days before the final defeat of N’Zoth, so needless to say, a lot of hard work and commitment went into getting into that position in the first place.

How Long Did it Take?

Well, given that the killing of Carapace of N’Zoth took place six days earlier, you are looking at nearly a week in terms of how long it took to finally beat N’Zoth. As you can imagine, the celebrations were many when they were able to fell the beast.

So given that there had been a mind-blowing six days passing by to topple N’Zoth, it raises the question of how many attempts it took to beat him. The Complexity Limit guild managed to finally overcome the obstacle with their 274th attempt. That’s right, it was nearly getting into the territory of 300 attempts before they were able to become history makers. With this win there was jubilation, but not only because of their initial achievement, which was admirable to say the least, but there was surely a sense of relief to go with it. This is because during those six days, they managed to at one point get the boss’ health down to 2.18% before succumbing. Coming so close would be a definite way to inspire a way to victory, and so it did.

The End of Method’s Reign

There was more to it being a World First raid achievement for Complexity Limit. Not only had they managed to achieve something big, but they had also lifted an eight-year curse that had plagued North American guilds for achieving a World First raid. With this saw the end of a dominant period for Europe’s Method, who still maintain a legacy to be proud of.

Method had managed to claim victory in the three races beforehand in raids at Mythic difficulty, as part of the Battle for Azeroth expansion. Such a reign was however to come to an end, courtesy of Complexity Limit and their tactics to keep out in front of their valiant opponents throughout the entirety of the event. This was a significant factor in the guild edging Method when it came to the final battle. By being able to maintain a lead throughout, I gave Complexity Limit a vital advantage. This was emphasized by the amounts of attempts in which the North Americans would have ahead of Method. Overall, Limit were able to get in nearly a hundred more attempts than Method had chance to do, which could easily be outlined as the deciding factor.

A halt in progress

The journey to victory wasn’t exactly smooth. That might seem like a really obvious statement, given that we have already discussed just how long it took Complexity Limit to achieve their goal, and how many attempts it took. It may have taken hundreds of attempts over several days, but that wasn’t the only issue that Limit faced.

During their run, the guild ran into a problematic situation in the form of a glitch. When they managed to reach the final raid boss, a bug appeared that would force developers Blizzard to step in to make the relevant fix to the game.

This would be the last thing that the guild would’ve wanted, as they were forced to wait whilst the issue was resolved. This involved Blizzard despawning the Corrupter, meaning that Limit would have to sit things out. They were able to eventually achieve their goal two days later, but not without frustrations being vented by Raid leader Max, who felt that the devs had somewhat changed their minds as to how the raid would take place. Nevertheless, frustration was soon to become a thing of the past and a minor blip in the road, as celebrations would be taking place not long after.

A Long Time Coming

So, this was the first time that a North American guild had won a World’s First end boss race in a whopping eight years. Whilst Method would be obviously disappointed, they showed true sportsmanship by offer their congratulations to their American counterparts.

In terms of the last time of a North American guild winning a race such as this, you would have to go back to the Mists of Pandaria expansion way back in 2012, so yes it was certainly an epic moment for NA guilds when this was achieved this year, given the amount of time that had passed.

There are many epic things to do when playing WoW Classic. The introduction of the vanilla version of the game is something that was greeted with open arms by many fans, and understandably so. So whether you are out adventuring with friends, collecting as much WoW Classic Gold and WoW Classic items as possible, taking on the hardest dungeons, or even trying to prove you are the very best by competing in raids, there are many reasons as to why the MMORPG has made such a long-lasting impact on the gaming world. It was stood the test of time in a number of variations and add-ons over the years, and doesn’t appear to be showing any signs of slowing down going into the future. One thing we have learnt is that competition for completing raids is still going strong, and long may it continue.

Have you played WoW Classic? Let us know in the comments section below!

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