Will There Be An Among Us 2?

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Will There Be An Among Us 2
Will There Be An Among Us 2

Careful, this article is acting kind of sus.

The developer and publisher of this quirky space-themed game, InnerSloth, had the opposite phenomena happen to their indie title compared to Fall Guys.

Among Us quietly released in 2018 to very little attention. In fact, the developers were clinging onto Among Us for dear life, hoping it would take off one day.

Fortunately, it did.

Instead of taking off immediately on day one, one like Fall Guys did, Among us shot to popularity because of the popular streaming platform: Twitch.

South Korea and Brazil started reviving the game and created a surge that spread Among Us as quickly as the coronavirus. Much like Fall Guys, the surge in popularity crashed the game’s servers, which, at the time, was hosted on a free Amazon server. The developers had to work overtime to meet gamers’ demands who wanted to play with these cute colorful spacemen.

The premise of Among Us is simply: lie your pants off.

When a game starts, the crewmates need to perform tasks across various maps in order to win. However, one imposter wishes to spoil their plans like a B-movie villain by killing each crewmate one-by-one or trying to sabotage different parts of the map. The game was surging in popularity so quickly that the developers haphazardly announced there would be an Among Us 2.

However, they decided to quickly back off from that announcement a month later in order to focus on improving the original Among Us game. It makes sense to continue to improve a game that rose a small developer to popularity. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Among Us 2 is happening anytime soon.

Fortunately, that means we might see more maps, gameplay options, or different mechanics. Hopefully, the game doesn’t start to die off in popularity as Fall Guys is. Maybe InnerSloth is learning from those mistakes and adding more fresh content to keep the game going strong until they capitalize with an Among Us 2.

Have you tried Among Us? What do you think of it?

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