Will The Xbox One S Be Backward Compatible?

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Will The Xbox One S Be Backward Compatible
Will The Xbox One S Be Backward Compatible

Microsoft was forced to reveal all of the information for their upcoming next-generation systems after their, previously unknown, Xbox Series S was leaked online. Since Microsoft spilled the beans on their next-generation consoles, many wonder if the Xbox One S will be backward compatible.

It makes sense for the Xbox One S to be backward compatible. Microsoft has been flaunting that feature about their Xbox Series X system for those who want to go back and play older Xbox titles that haven’t been remade or remastered yet. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the hefty price tag of half a thousand dollars after taxes once Microsoft releases its most powerful console yet.

That means players will need to settle for the Xbox Series S if they want to partake in the next generation, but will it be backward compatible like its strong counterpart, the Xbox Series X?

Will The Xbox Series S Be Backward Compatible?

The answer to the backward compatibility of the Xbox Series S is a little complicated. Microsoft answered some questions about the Xbox Series S, including whether the baby system can run enhanced backward compatible copies that the Xbox One X can. Unfortunately, the answer is a tricky one: no. However, the Xbox Series S can run Xbox One S versions of backward compatible games. It’s a weird answer to a question, but basically, the Xbox Series S will not have the improved features as the Xbox Series X when it comes to backward compatibility, but it will be just as strong as the older Xbox One S.

To answer the question regarding if the Xbox Series S will be backward compatible: yes. However, it’s not going to be as strong as its younger next-generation brother as much as it will be just as strong as its much older cousin. It’s a little confusing, but how important is backward compatibility to you?

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