Will The Medium Have Combat?

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Will The Medium Have Combat
  • The Medium will not have traditional combat.
  • The Medium will not have weapons.
  • The Medium is compared to the psychological horror of the Silent Hill series.

The Medium is being compared to the same level of psychological horror as the Silent Hill series. However, many are wondering if The Medium will go as far as having combat alongside its puzzles.

The Puzzles In The Medium

The Medium Game Wiki Dual Reality Gameplay

With the unique simultaneous dual-reality gameplay, it will be interesting to see how the puzzles will work in both worlds. The Medium advertises the main character’s ability to conjure spiritual shields and blasts. However, these look to be used for clearing puzzles instead of surviving in combat. Unlike the array of weapons used in the Silent Hill series, The Medium looks to be a run-and-hide type of psychological horror.

Does This Mean The Medium Won’t Have Combat?

The Medium Game Wiki Puzzles In Both Realities

There will be no traditional weapon combat in The Medium. The psychic gifts the main character holds will help her survive while solving puzzles in both realities. The horrors of The Medium will be brought to life by Akira Yamaoka, the legendary Japanese composer known for working on the Silent Hill series, so players know they’re in good hands when it comes to immersion (especially when they’re hiding away from otherworldly dangers unable to fight).

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