Will The Medium Game Be On The PlayStation 4?

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Will The Medium Game Be On The PlayStation 4

Despite some backlash regarding the game’s pricing, The Medium looks like it won’t suffer too much as far as sales are concerned. Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series S/X fans are gearing up to play, what the developers claim to be never-before-seen gameplay, but what about the PlayStation players? Will The Medium Be On The PlayStation 4?

What Is The Medium About?

The Medium Game Guide Scene 001

The developers of this third-person psychological horror game are really pushing the patented dual-reality gameplay. While some are skeptical over a game studio’s ability to patent gameplay, we’re still excited to see how they’re able to pull this off.

The Medium Game Guide Dual Reality

Players use this dual-reality gameplay to solve puzzles in the real world and the spirit world. However, this unique gameplay sounds like it might be too intensive for the PlayStation 4.

Is The Medium Coming Out For The PlayStation 4?

The Medium Game Guide Dual Reality Puzzles

With how intensive The Medium looks for the PC alone, we’re wondering if we would need an SSD to run the game. Some with lower-end PCs will need to upgrade their computers to meet the minimum requirements to play The Medium. After looking at what it would take to run The Medium, it doesn’t look like the PS4 is equipped to handle The Medium.

Unfortunately, for PlayStation 4 players, The Medium is not releasing for the console. The Medium will only be available for the Xbox Series S/X and Microsoft Windows. It will be a day one release for the Xbox Game Pass.

The planned release date for The Medium is January 28th, 2021.

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