Will The Fallout Series Become An Xbox Exclusive

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Will The Fallout Series Become An Xbox Exclusive
Will The Fallout Series Become An Xbox Exclusive

Do you hear that sound? It’s the collective scream of Sony PlayStation owners who refuse to purchase an Xbox and won’t invest in a gaming PC. Why are they screaming? Microsoft bought out Bethesda. What game series does Bethesda own?


Everything near and dear to our hearts is now in a constant state of the question as the looming cloud of Microsoft lingers over our minds and injects itself into our brain rent-free.

The Fallout series, one nobody, truly paid attention to until Fallout 3, is now at risk of being an Xbox Exclusive. PC owners probably have nothing to worry about because Microsoft wouldn’t exclude the master race. No company wants to piss off an entire sect of gamers who have access to a PC. Imagine all the Reddit posts they’ll make. It will be a storm of angry typing heard worldwide.

Of course, the moment PC and Xbox players realize they might be alienating an entire group of people known as “PlayStation fans,” then the anger subsides. As long as it doesn’t affect them, then they don’t care. Imagine if everyone had the mentality of only caring when it affects them. Fortunately, no one in the real world walks around with the mentality. Everyone cares about everyone else and will slightly inconvenience themselves for five minutes to do their part in protecting the general populace. This is reality, right?

As far as whether or not the Fallout series will be an Xbox exclusive is still anyone’s guess. However, we’re sure Microsoft isn’t the type of company to willingly spurn PlayStation users for the fun of it. Making the Fallout series exclusive to the PC and Xbox may spell the end of the world as we know it, but it’s going to make Microsoft money in the future.

Maybe Microsoft will do us all a favor and sweep Fallout 76 under the rug so we can pretend it never existed in our timeline.

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