Will Phasmophobia Get Scarier?

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Will Phasmophobia Get Scarier

Phasmophobia is planning on making the game scarier. We already know Phasmophobia will update with “Horror 2.0” according to it’s Trello Board. Horror 2.0 is still in the backlog with:

  • New ghost events
  • Ghost events overhaul
  • Hallucinations
  • New death rooms
  • New death animations
  • Sound overhaul / additions

Additionally, a Q& A with the developer clarified what they meant when asked if Phasmophobia will follow the classic horror trope with ghost interactions.

Phasmophobia Classic Horror Trope Ghost Interactions

Q: “Are we going to see more “Classic horror trope” ghost interactions like rocking chairs rocking, doors slamming, cabinet doors flapping, sounds of scampering and dolls moving when backs are turned?”

A: For sure! We love old school horror, and want to make sure that the scares in Phasmophobia are tense and interesting. We also don’t want to resort to cheap jump scares for the majority of the horror.

The developers at Phasmophobia want to keep the game tense. However, don’t expect the ghost to just jump out in your face anymore than it already does when it manifests. The developers don’t want to resort to cheap jump scares. Of course, we would love to see SOME classic jump scares. How scary would doors slamming in our faces be? We already have them creak open slightly.

How much scarier would you like Phasmophobia to be?

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