Will Phasmophobia Be On The Nintendo Switch

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Will Phasmophobia Be On The Nintendo Switch
Will Phasmophobia Be On The Nintendo Switch

Is Phasmophobia on the Nintendo Switch? There’s no denying one the fastest-growing titles on the PC right now. Despite its early access, the game is already high in demand on consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox. With its simple controls (despite it also being VR-capable), wouldn’t it make sense for Phasmophobia to be on the Nintendo Switch?

Is Phasmophobia On The Nintendo Switch?

No. Right now, Phasmophobia is not available for the Nintendo Switch. Kinetic Games, the developers behind Phasmophobia, have not made any official announcements for console releases outside of Steam right now.

Kinetic Games is focusing on expanding its offering to different VR platforms and polishing their game, so it’s ready for full release by 2021.

How Scary Is Phasmophobia?

Many people love watching Phasmophobia on Twitch and YouTube, but many are afraid of taking the dive themselves because watching, and playing are two completely different things. Phasmophobia has players working together to survive everything from a creepy farmhouse to an anxiety-inducing asylum. Since we didn’t get to experience what could have been with Silent Hills, Phasmophobia is the next best thing. Phasmophobia is known to be one of the scariest games ever played, after all.

Would Phasmophobia Be Fun On Nintendo Switch Without VR?

Phasmophobia is still very fun on VR, even without VR. That means Phasmophobia will still be fun if it is ever released for the Nintendo Switch. Right now, the Nintendo Switch is still trying to get caught up to the VR industry, so it might be some time before we see Phasmophobia on the Nintendo Switch.

Will Phasmophobia Be On The Nintendo Switch?

While we know Phasmophobia is fun for Steam and will be just as fun on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, it does not look Phasmophobia will be on the Nintendo Switch any time soon.

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  1. WTF? Extremely disappointed to hear Phasmophobia won’t be on the Nintendo Switch any time soon. Seems like the ideal platform for the game, VR or no VR capabilities.

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